Brit trio SIBLINGS OF US make a potent statement with their brand new track,
A Gang Called Wonder – . The cut is taken from
the band’s genre bending new EP, Gargantua, which hits all outlets on 2nd
November, via RetroSynth Records.

Upon first hearing SIBLINGS OF US it becomes abundantly apparent that the
threesome cannot be shoehorned into one tight and specific genre. The
Bristolians express an array of influences spreading from the groove and
early vigour of Muse and the intoxicating proggy vibes of Mars Volta,
through to the driving synth work of Carpenter Brut. In the distillation,
the ascending trio convey a sound that is unique and entrancing.

Consisting of Fonzy (Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Zack Reed (Vocals Synth), and
Ellie Daymond (Drums), SIBLINGS OF US came to being at the start of 2016.
Since then, the South West trio have self-produced three music videos, two
EPs and two singles. As well as maintaining a rampant release schedule, the
alternative unit have also rapidly evolved their hypnotic sound, as
evidenced on their blistering new EP, Gargantua.

Featuring four fiery slices of synthcore blessed with thoughtful up-tempo
arrangements, buzzsaw guitars, and infectious hooks, Gargantua is stacked
with raucous and contagious kinetic energy. SIBLINGS OF US will be taking
the party to the floor this Autumn, as they undertake a mammoth jaunt around
the UK. See the band’s socials for tickets and show details.

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