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Photo Credit: Jonathan Svante
Since their debut EP in 2012, Shiny Darkly have shed their skin time and time again. From the dark, narcotic post-punk drone of their debut to the sleek and eclectic genre-experiments of their 2018-album BRONZE. Their new material, teasing their 2022 EP HEAVYY, is no exception.

“Ballroom” is the lead single off of the EP. It’s sonically relentless, like a sustained release of adrenaline. True to the title, it feels as if it takes place in a dream-like ballroom with a lone performer in a ragged suit in front of a dusty, red velour backdrop. It’s released as a double single along with “The Physical Heart” – a massive song about an inability to articulate feelings, describing a heart as something purely anatomical, utterly scrubbed of imagery.

“The video for ‘The Physical Heart’ was inspired by Hannibal Lecter’s cynical and gastronomical view of the human body, and Denethor’s last supper in Minis Tirith,” explains director Emma Acs. “Most of all, though, it was inspired by Shiny Darkly and fun dinners with Kristoffer as a love letter to our friendship.”

“The Physical Heart” (Official Music Video)
HEAVYY was written in – you guessed it – isolation in the first half of 2020 with Kristoffer Bech and Mads Lassen sending ideas and project files back and forth. As soon as it was possible, they took the rough ideas to the rehearsal space, kept whatever felt good, and wrapped the journey up in the studio with like-minded producer Mathias Sarsgaard manning the controls. The journey of writing and recording the EP thus shares a common thread of a focus on the raw energy of the moment.
The sound of Shiny Darkly ‘anno right now’ is fierce and unpolished. Mads Lassen’s disjointed and wild beats support and break through a dense arrangement of guitars and big band-inspired brass and strings. Kristoffer Bech takes the place of a Black Mirror-equivalent to a vaudeville entertainer or a staggeringly drunk wedding singer. His vocal is lower than on previous releases and secure in its vulnerable (another contrast) delivery – every moment of weakness is delivered with conviction.

HEAVYY is due out on February 4, 2022 via Crunchy Frog.

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