Shetland Punk Rockers FORGOTTEN SONS Share Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

Shetland punk rockers FORGOTTEN SONS return with a truly anthemic track in the guise of  ‘Faded’, which lands this Friday. The energetic rockers have a slew of musical tastes and with this in mind, we asked the band to exclusively offer up their top six most influential tracks:

John Gair – Drums:

“Bring Me The Horizon: Can You Feel My Heart –

I really admire how BTH have managed to expand their sound throughout their career. The fearless approach to their music, never being tied to one genre, bringing in elements of pop and balladry whilst still having their own unique sound inspires me to be more expressive in my own approach to songwriting and drumming, The drum intro and big drum sounds combined with the spacey guitar sounds played a massive part in how I was inspired from my part to create Faded.

Fatherson: Hometown –

I really admire the honesty in Fatherson’s writing. The feeling you get being immersed in the narrative of their songs inspires me to write music that others can relate to. They take the listener on a journey and that’s something I want to achieve with FS.”

Sandy Middleton – Vocals/Guitar:

“AFI:  Silver & Cold –

AFI is a band that has always seemed completely comfortable in their own skin. I love how they never cared what the wider “punk and hardcore” community thought of their music.  The song for me is the guitar chords, tones, and how Jade uses clean ambiance tones to the high gain…and the chords Jade uses has always had me interested. They have some banging songs and I have a big place in my heart for them.

We Came From Wolves: Keep Close –

Damm this one played a huge part in Faded… WCFW are really good friends and play with so much passion. From the energy of the grief in this song, the harmonies, the low voice harmonies then to high vocals accompanied by the solid drums,kick-ass bass with an again ambient guitar to heavy gain.. I tried covering this song acoustic but I’ll just roar in my car to this song.”

Stephen Ferguson: Bass/Vocals

“MEW: Am I Wry? No –

I really like the way the bass and drums interlock in this song and was aiming for something similar with faded. I love how the bass is so prominent without overpowering the melody. The crushing single notes sweeping to harmony with the guitar is awesome!

Deftones: Minerva –

With Minerva it’s more about the dynamics than the actual similarity in sound. I love how Deftones can sound so beautiful even at their heaviest. The transition from a mournful melody to huge burst of noise in this particular track was definitely something I took inspiration from for the transitions in Faded.”

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