She Said Destroy – Norwegian Genre-Bending Innovators Reveal New Song “Succession”

She Said Destroy – Norwegian Genre-Bending Innovators Reveal New Song “Succession” Via Decibel Magazine

Listen to “Succession” here.

Following eight long years in hibernation, Norwegian genre-bending innovators She Said Destroy finally return with a new full-length album titled “Succession”. Picking up where they left off with their 2012’s EP “Bleeding Fiction” for Mas-Kina Recordings, this new effort consists of material written over the last 13 years and thus represents a broad collection of influences and musical styles. “Succession” is set to be released once again through Mas-Kina Recordings in late 2021.

The album’s leading single and title track has just premiered at Decibel Magazine, who commented “On the band’s upcoming album, Succession, they try their hands at atmospheric black metal. This recreates some of the moods from the band’s 2012 EP, Bleeding Fiction, but smashes the complex rhythms, time changes, and death-metal heft into roaring waves of drums, riffs and screams.”

Listen to “Succession” here.

“Succession” was recorded at guitarist Snorre Bergerud’s studio Ymir Audio, located in Vilnius, during January and February 2020 and contains a collection of material written between 2007 and 2019, and as with earlier She Said Destroy efforts displays a wide range of musical styles. Thematically “Succession” is a natural continuation of She Said Destroy’s exploration of human nature on past releases.  This time around the impact of the Anthropocene era on our psyche and our surroundings rears its ugly head throughout the album. These are songs of frustration,  despair and hatred, but also of love and wanting to cling on to hope even when not believing that striving for a better world will bear fruits.

She Said Destroy was a pretty active live band since their inception in 2000 and have released two full-length albums, “Time Like Vines “ in 2006 (Nocturnal Art Productions) and “This City Speaks in Tongues” in 2008 (Tabu Recordings)until the year of 2009, when their some of their members moved to other countries. Still, the plan was to keep recording music and in late 2009 and early 2010 they recorded a one-song EP, “Bleeding Fiction” which was released in 2012 (Mas-Kina Recordings) before they disappeared, hindered by physical distance (Norway and Lithuania), other projects and an undeniable degree of fatigue with the whole trying to make it in the music scene hustle after more than 10 years as a band.
The return is the result of a slow moving conversation between key members since their last release.

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