Sharptooth // Transitional Forms // Album Review

Formed in 2014 and based in Baltimore, Maryland, US, Sharptooth are a Hardcore Punk band that released their debut album in 2017 titled Stupid Girl following their signing to Pure Noise Records. Prior to this debut full length, the 5 piece band had released Eps Below The Docks in 2014 and Chompers in 2015, and now is the time of the second full length to shake things up.

Having shared the stage with acts such as Anti-Flag, Obey The Brave, Cancer Bats and Jesus Piece as well as playing every date on the last full US run of the Vans Warped Tour, Sharptooth is learning from some of the best and this is evident as soon as you press play.

The aggression is matched by the down-tuned guitars from the off and then vocalist, Lauren Kashan begins to destroy the microphone with her full force, no shit Hardcore style delivery. This is one hell of a crushing opener that gets the blood pumping, adrenaline racing, and pit moving- then there is the breakdown, make sure nothing valuable is within arm or feet reach!

‘Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)’ really sets the tone for the level of emotion that the band released on their tracks as the drums crash around you and the guitars provide the musical backdrop that really grips you by the head and starts to shake the brain, before that vocal that is up there with any other vocalist, verbalizes the trials and tribulations that have caused these emotions.

Sharptooth do not shy away from being vocal in their opinions, something that maybe the world would be a better place if more people did, and in Transitional Forms they have provided the platform for others to either relate or feel comfortable to also voice their thoughts and emotions on important issues, whether they be the same or different, everyone sometimes needs that reassurance that you can and should share.

The album is predominantly Hardcore based and stands comfortably alongside some of the more established bands that fans of the genre class as the benchmark, making the future a very open and exciting place for Sharptooth, but for now I’m just going to press play again and allow myself to caught up in this fantastic album another time.

Ed Ford


Transitional Forms is released Friday 10th July 2020 via Pure Noise Records.


Track List

 Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)

Mean Brain

Life On The Razor’s Edge


The Gray



The Southern Strategy

M.P.D.B (Manic Pixie Dream Bitch)

Nevertheless (She Persisted)






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