Formed in 2013, Cheltenham based Shadowflag began to unleash their unique Black Metal on to the world and their debut, self-titled album was a 5000-word poem set against the bleak sounds of Black Metal. 2015 saw the release of The White Grave and then 2017 was the time for The Delusion Machine which helped the fan base to grow and now is the time for the fourth album In Asylum Requiem to continue this trait and push even further into the realms of darkness.

From the opening guitar drones, it is clear that this album is going to continue the glorious sounds of Black Metal and then the constant drums begin to create more of the noise that is this great genre before a traditional black metal vocal is heard over the top. The guitar drone soon becomes a repeating riff and whereas some Black Metal is very monotonous, Shadowflag has created almost a groove to parts of their arrangement that grips you even tighter.

This hold that they have managed to take over you, somehow seems to feel unshakeable, if you wanted to try, however, the chances are that you quite like the darkness that is taking over your body and fancy delving a little deeper into the savagely brutal wastelands.

The five-piece band have put together a 6 track album that spans roughly 35 minutes, so clearly the tracks have been given ample room to create their own being and the results of which is something both bleak and glorious at the same time. The album has a freshness about the Black Metal sound and using a mix that isn’t as basic as some of the old school Black Metal albums but also not totally clean, it retains some of the murkiness that tends to accompany this type of album but allows the instruments to be heard, allowing them all to have their impact on the hypnotic effect that In Asylum Requiem has over you.

This is a fantastic Black Metal album that deserves to get a lot of credit. It is one of my favorites of the year so far and will definitely be one that remains on the playlist and certainly, I will keep an eye o the progression of the band, as these deserve to be heard by the masses.


Ed Ford


In Asylum Requiem is released Friday 19th June 2020 via Clobber Records


Track List

  1. Lest The Night Be Thorned
  2. In Asylum Requiem
  3. One Beast One God
  4. From Agony To Cold
  5. Nameless Realm Eternal
  6. To The Earth, To The Corpses, To The Seas




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