Sevendust // Blood & Stone (Deluxe Edition) // Album Review


Today sees the release of Sevendust’s highly acclaimed 2020 release Blood & Stone as a Deluxe Edition, an expanded version of the original album now including 3 remixes and 2 brand new tracks available digitally courtesy of Rise Records. 

This album is a beauty and encompasses everything that points to Sevendust as being one of the bands at the very top of their game.  Their blend of hefty hard-hitting rock just resonates from the off and Blood & Stone is absolutely packed with killer tracks from start to finish. Gargantuan slamming riffs and wrapped up in highly melodic vocals just make for a winning combination for the very best in modern rock, track after track you are left fending off these sonic earworms that just want to bury themselves deep inside your brain. 

The three remixes bring their own unique flavour to the tracks that expand on what the band already laid down, bringing an additional level of creativity and expression from their music showcasing the limitless possibilities available when the mind roams free, in addition, ion the two new bonus tracks reward us with fresh music and a reminder of what is yet to come from this stellar band. 

Out today via Rise Records, Blood & Stone Deluxe Edition is an album that has to be on your radar. 


 Tracklisting :
1)    Dying To Live
2)    Love
3)    Blood From A Stone
4)    Feel Like Going On
5)    What You’ve Become
6)    Kill Me
7)    Nothing Left To See Here Anymore
8)    Desperation
9)    Criminal
10)  Against The World
11)  Alone
12)  Wish You Well

13)  The Day I Tried To Live

14) Dying To Live (Jake Bowen Remix)

15) Kill Me (Richard Wicander Remix)

16) What You’ve Become (Justin de Blieck Remix)

17) All I Really Know

18) What You Are



Sevendust // Blood & Stone (Deluxe Edition) // Album Review
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