Sevendust // Blood & Stone // Album Review
Sevendust // Blood & Stone // Album Review 9
Sevendust // Blood & Stone // Album Review 9
Sevendust // Blood & Stone // Album Review 9
Sevendust // Blood & Stone // Album Review 9
Sevendust // Blood & Stone // Album Review 9
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Unlucky for some but not Sevendust, their thirteenth studio album is much like the rest of their catalog, outstanding. From the opening riff of “Dying To Live” you know you are in for a treat, a blistering song with a massive bass and drum beat while Witherspoon delivers as only he can with the guitars chugging along big time. “Love” opens with an electro beat before it bursts into a full-on track with a heavy drum beat, gritty guitars that drip through the speakers with Witherspoon giving it up big time on the vocals. “Blood From A Stone” is a rager with killer drums and bass as the guitars chug along nicely with some cool riffs, a contender for track of the album.

“Feel Like Going On” is a power ballad that will no doubt get some serious airplay and deservedly so it is a brilliant song with the drum, guitars, and piano all complementing each other perfectly. “What You’ve Become” kicks it up big time with heavy riffs and pounding drums as Witherspoon snarls and growls his way through the track apart from the chorus where he dials it back, a real rocker. “Kill Me” is a slower track with a heavy feel to it grinding guitars, slow pounding drums, and a banging bass, another cracker. “Nothing Left To See Here Anymore” is ballad type track but with a harder edge to it as Rose batters the drum into submission once again while the guitars are relentless pure brilliance. “Desperation” has a real rock vibe with punchy drums, heavy riffs with an Alter Bridge style beat to it again Witherspoon kills it on the vocals showing his full range.

“Criminal” is a powerful track with a rumbling bass and drum beat and guitars that ooze class from the crushing riffs to the great little solo at the end all the while Witherspoon absolutely kills it on vocals. “Against The World” is a bass-heavy track with pounding drums, funky riffs that switches between alt and hard rock, truly kick ass. “Alone” has radio smash written all over it with a soft opening that builds slowly to a massive crescendo with Witherspoon showing his impressive vocal ability. “Wish You Well” blasts you right from the off with Rose pounding the living daylights out of the drums as the guitars alternate between heavy riffs and funky riffs as Witherspoon again impresses with his seriously powerful vocals. The closing track is an excellent cover of the Soundgarden classic “The Day I Tried To Live”, as hard as it is to try and replicate the immortal Chris Cornell, Witherspoon does a damn good job, it is not the original but it does it some serious justice.


“Blood & Stone” is out on 23rd October, you would be mad to miss it



Sevendust are:

Lajon Witherspoon Vocals

Vince Hornsby Bass

Morgan Rose Drums

John Connolly Rhythm guitar

Clint Lowery Lead guitar

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