SETYØURSAILS // Nightfall // Album Review


German newcomers SETYØURSAILS bring the follow up to the 2018 debut album Enough with the debut release for the band on Napalm Records and has performed at a number of festivals, the band are now looking to push on.

Taking aim at racism, sexism and homophobia, the Melodic Post Hardcore outfit is pulling out all the stops and unleashing all fury over the 13 tracks. Including a number of special guests from the off with Rudi Schwarzer from Annisokay on ‘Ghosts’ and Andres Doerner from Caliban on second track Nightfall, the album slaps hard from the off.

The combination of the melodic areas is balanced very well with the ferocity and passion in the more aggressive aspects. The way that the tracks are structured allows you to be fully absorbed by the music before the brutality hits.

Blending different aspects of modern Metal, the blend of Death Metal, Hardcore and Metalcore will please all fans of the aggressive music that is also comfortable showing its more sensitive side. This in turn means that the listeners who are also a little less open to showing their emotions also have an outlet. This alone will help so many people especially as we (hopefully) are emerging from a pandemic that it is fair to say has taken more of a toll than we realise.

The riffs through are stunningly effective in both aggressive and melodic mode and the drums set mood stunning as it guides the pace and impact. The vocals are both hypnotising and harshly abrasive the way that the tracks flow and the impact that they have is long-lasting.

It is rare to find a band that seems so developed when it is only their second album, however, SETYØURSAILS have managed to create a blistering album that is going to send huge waves across the modern metal world.

Nightfall is an album that you sing, scream, shout or cry along to and my advice is to just let your emotions flow with the tracks and the cathartic effect will be massive.

In what is sometimes seen as an overcrowded genre, SETYØURSAILS have set themselves apart from the rest as you are genuinely engaged as you just let yourself go with this crushingly melodic album.

Ed Ford


Nightfall will be released by Napalm Records on 21st January 2022.



  1.    Ghosts
    02.    Nightfall
    03.    Secrets
    04.    Why
    05.    Mirror
    06.    Into the Storm
    07.    Anchor
    08.    Forgive Me
    09.    Deadline
    10.    What’s Wrong
    11.    Reason
    12.    Fckoff
    13.    Shallow




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