SETTLE YOUR SCORES Launch Album Pre-Orders for New LP ‘Retrofit’ Out August 20 via Mutant League Records

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SETTLE YOUR SCORES Launch Pre-Orders for New LP ‘Retrofit’ Out August 20 via Mutant League Records

Band Debuting New Song “The Way Things Used To Be”


“What is it about the Midwest that generates pop-punk prodigies? Cincinnati’s Settle Your Scores are a perfect representation of the phenomenon with their catchy riffs and added metalcore flair.”- Alternative Press

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Photo: Alex Zarek

Pre-orders have launched for “Retrofit”, the upcoming full-length album from Cincinnati’s Settle Your Scores, and the band is debuting “The Way Things Used To Be”, a new track off the LP.

“The Way Things Used To Be” Lyric Video:

Pre-Order Link:

Digital Pre-Save:

The “Retrofit” pre-order includes a limited 12″ vinyl pressing + multiple apparel designs which each reference tracks from the album.

Vinyl Pressing info:

Blue Splatter: 150

Blue Marble: 350

Set for release on August 20 via Mutant League Records, ‘Retrofit’ reunites the band with producer Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio (Hawthorne Heights), who previously recorded their debut album.

“The Way Things Used To Be” follows on the heels of the recently released single/music video “Meant For Misery.”.

Of the new single, the band says, “This song is about drifting apart from people you were close with. Childhood friends, old flames, even family. When we’re young we assume that these people will always be heavily involved in our lives, but life often has other plans.”

Recently featured on Alternative Press’ list of “10 Next-Gen Pop-Punk Bands Who Will Transport You Back To The 2000’s”, Settle Your Scores offers a fresh take on a sound which is brimming with nostalgic sensibility.

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“Retrofit” Tracklist:

1. Meant For Misery


3. 1999

4. Jenna Tools

5. Staring at the Ceiling

6. High Spirits

7. The Way Things Used To Be

8. Broken Heart Scenario

9. Streets Ahead (If you have to ask, you’re streets behind)

10. Everafter


Settle Your Scores is:

Christian Fisher – Vocals

Ricky Uhlenbrock – Guitar/Vocals

Patrick Bryant – Guitar

Jeffrey Borer – Bass/Vocals

Caleb Smith – Drums/Percussion






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