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It has been a busy few days, Belfast has been rich in live music of late and this weekend is no different from the Metal 2 The Masses competition in Voodoo, to tonight’s craic in The Oh Yeah Centre, one of Belfast’s favourite venues dedicated to promoting the local music scene here in Northern Ireland through education and live shows. So it is great to have Florida’s own Set It Off here in the building to sprinkle a little bit of their pop-punk-pop-rock magic with their End Of Elsewhere Tour. Let’s hope they brought the weather with them also cos it’s ‘Baltic’ as we say here in Northern Ireland!

Let’s do this!

So I’ve searched everywhere on fakebook, Twatter,insta-wab but no sign of stage times (absolute pet-peave when attending gigs regularly), so I am hedging my bets and aiming for 7:30 with doors opening at 7 pm – it’s still pissing out if the heavens, (Welcome to Ireland lads) and right enough I get down at 7:30 everyone’s inside and I grab my pass and head up front like the rockstar I am. As we await tonight’s support the PA is playing A-HA’s “Take On Me” and everyone breaks into song. This is surreal for a number of reasons, but the reality is that I’m probably the oldest dude here and I was a teen when that song came out! The room is packed with Gen-Z’s and it never amazes me how tracks like that, Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and the likes have transcended the generations and are still fan-fave’s in bars and clubs alike, you just gotta love music!

So up first is local artist Susi Pagel.

An energetic duo with Susi on vocals and her partner in crime Jack on guitar and samples, the duo have an alt-pop-indie-rock vibe that is packed with melodic hooks and big sing-along chorus’ and seems to be welcomed open armed by the youthful Oh Yeah Centre audience. As previously mentioned the room is packed from front to back and everywhere I look I can see people grooving away to Susi’s soundtrack, the thick samples fused with Susi’s delightful voice and the odd guitar solo wailing its way into a song here and there add’s that little bit of hot sauce when needed. One to watch for sure, it’s great to see the pool of ever-expanding talent from within the N.I music scene shining through. By the end of her set, she has the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand and has won over an army of fans for sure. Well played little sister! (And Jack)



So as we draw close to kick-off time announcements keep coming out over the PA – “The Midnight Society – the show will begin in 15 minutes”  the countdown begins after every song played, and when the songs kicks in straight after the first announcement you’d have thought the band were on stage, the place goes wild! Have I missed something? Me thinks so …. Curious-er and Curious-er things get weirder as 9pm gets closer, I’m thinking maybe all these crazies are Gremlins and someone has added water! I think this is gonna be a little off the scale than I had expected….

9pm arrives and the band are lead to the stage by two heavies as the venue itself is rammed with screaming fans unaware the band just walked through them to get their asses on stage!

BOOM! and they’re off, like greyhounds let out of their traps Set It Off exploding into life, the crowd goes wild and frontman Cody Carson is living his best life upfront and centre on a small raised platform orchestrating the audience like putty in his hands. I am only in the pit for 3 songs, but in that time Cody’s on the barrier hanging onto the crowd, and by the end of the third song he’s already climbed that barrier and walked like Jesus across his fans and then surfed his ass back into the pit before taking to the stage again to rock on!

This is going to be a night to remember for sure!

Set It Off has been making waves in the music scene since their formation in 2008. They have gained a cult-like following, with fans all over the world who are invested in the band and the genre as a whole. One of the things that set, Set It Off apart from other bands is their incredible energy as a live entity, their interaction with fans, and the intensity of their shows.

Known for their high-energy shows that leave audiences breathless. From the moment they step on stage, the band is fully invested in their performance, putting on a show that is both dynamic and engaging. They have a way of connecting with their fans, drawing them into the music and the experience of the show. That is obvious to see, you can tell just how invested this fan-base is in this band and i guess that is the beauty of the Gen-Z generation growing up with social media and the hands-on experience you can now have with your fav-band online.

Their interaction with fans is also a big part of what makes Set It Off such a beloved band. They are known for their fan-friendly approach, often stopping to chat with fans after shows or during meet-and-greet events. This kind of accessibility has helped to build a strong bond between the band and their fans, making them feel like part of the Set It Off family.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Set It Off is the depth of their fanbase. They have amassed a cult-like following that is passionate about the band and the music they create. Fans are invested in the band on a deep level, with many of them travelling long distances to see them perform live or participating in online fan communities. As I scan the room I can see a diverse fan-base thirsting for more, everyone is rocking out from front to back and feeding off the relentless energy tossed out from the stage by the guys giving it their all in this humble venue.

This level of dedication is a testament to the impact that Set It Off has had on the pop-punk, pop-rock genre. Their music is known for its catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and infectious energy, which has made them a favourite among fans of the genre. But it’s also the way they connect with their fans that have helped to build such a devoted following. Everyone in the room knows every word of every song, warbling along, it’s a sight to see!

Definitely, Set It Off is a band that stands out in the pop-punk, pop-rock genre for their energy as a live entity, their interaction with fans, and the cult-like following they have amassed. They have created a deep connection with their fans, who are invested in the band and the music they create. Set It Off is more than just a band; they are a community that brings people together through its music and live performances, and the dedicated gathered mass in this room tonight up close and personal with their Floridian rockers, will remember this evening for a very long time. A great way to end the weekend.


Photography: Mark McGrogan

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The guys are off to Dublin and then hit the UK for a few dates so check out their website for ticket info:


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