Seraphic Eyes ‘Maybe A Storm’ out 12/7/24!


Seraphic Eyes are an Italian, adrenaline charged, alt-rock band, composed of Alberto Marconetto (vocals and guitar), Laura Gagliardi (bass and backing vocals) and Alessio Azzalin (drums and backing vocals), Fueled by gritty sounds and distortions reminiscent of the ’90s, Seraphic Eyes deviate from their influences (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, etc.) to infuse vibrant hope into their socially critical lyrics, urging action and the pursuit of a possible better life.

With three EPs, including an acoustic one, and two albums, one standout is ‘Hope’. Produced by Pietro Foresti, expertly mixed by David Gnozzi and Rich Veltrop, and released by Vrec Music Label, this album has surpassed 800,000 streams on Spotify and amassed 300,000 views on official YouTube videos. Since joining Reaction, the band re-released 2 tracks from the album; ‘Another Life’ and ‘Crocodile Boots’, with both singles picking up new airplay across the globe and increasing visibility of the band in the UK and USA in particular.

The impact of ‘Hope‘ propelled the trio to the stage of the
39th edition of Pistoia Blues, sharing the spotlight with the likes of Mark Lanegan and ZZ-Top’s frontman, Billy F. Gibbons. The band’s creativity hasn’t stopped, and in 2024, a brand new album is set to be released, featuring 7 original tracks and 2 iconic rock classics revisited in the unmistakable style of Seraphic Eyes. However, in the meantime, the band decided to build on the success of their last 2 singles with the re-release of ‘Little Creatures’, from their ‘Quarantine’ EP. The track received positive feedback and substantial airplay across the globe. So much so, that they are now releasing ‘Maybe A Storm’ from the same EP. They believe that many went through a period of inner exploration in the spring of 2020, delving into their concerns, hopes, and deepest dreams, seeking a broader and more meaningful sense of existence. The EP was born from this very search; its songs are the product of those reflections and tell tales of yearning to reclaim freedom, self-determination, and the refusal to surrender to fate. Listening to it is akin to embarking on a journey within oneself, uncovering new perspectives and meanings.

‘Maybe A Storm’ is out 12/7/24 across all platforms!

Despite the impossibility of promotion through live shows due to lockdowns, the 5 tracks of the EP Quarantine amassed over 100K streams thanks to the love of fans and reviews such as:

“Dry and inspired song-writing, never pretentious arrangements, powerful yet flexible sound, these are the winning weapons of this record. An EP that sounds like a full album.” – ROCK NATION

“Well-composed and perfectly arranged tracks that also (”Little Creatures”) range into more sophisticated realms. An excellent work for a career of great depth.” – RADIOCOOP

“Each track encapsulates a small facet of the band, and everything seems to be packaged in the best possible way without pandering to commercialism… Seraphic Eyes reaffirm themselves as a very important band in the Italian alternative and independent scene.” – INDIE LIFE

Spotify stream:

YouTube stream:—rNNL7

“If you have suffered an injustice due to lies and you wished for a storm that would wash everything away and show the truth, this song is about you”.

Little Creatures credits:

Recorded and produced by Seraphic Eyes
and Cimi Mezzano (TechDrums Deep Purple)
Mixed by and mastered by Seraphic Eyes
and Slavic Selin of TAS, Greece
Published by Vrec Music Label