Sentient Ruin Reissues L.A. Harsh Noise/Power Electronics Act’s Ear-Splitting Debut Tape – Pre-Orders

“In forensic psychiatry, the term ‘pseudocommando’ has been used to describe mass murderers who commit premeditated murder-suicide mass killings driven by revenge fantasies, typically involving the stockpiling of weapons followed by a heavily armed commando-style attack. They typically see their actions through a narcissistic lens as being morally justified in revenge against their unfair treatment by an uncaring world, and wish to ‘go out in a blaze of glory’ “

This is essentially the audial embodiment of terror(ism), or something conceptually close to that – by an extremely fringe, niche, and underrated act which by its own nature will be hard to promote both due the insanity of the music itself, and also because its a huge step outside of our metal “comfort zone” so to speak, and a bold statement we’re making to expand the label’s horizons and set our selves apart more than ever before.

Pseudocommando is a debuting solo project from Los Angeles CA, and A Home Beneath the Floorboards its first ever recording, “quietly” self-released in 2018 on a limited run of self-dubbed tapes now sold out. Sentient Ruin noticed the shocking recording while rummaging amongst some really fringe experimental releases online, and we could not believe our ears. We quickly reached out to the entity behind the project to offer a proper re-release with improved artwork/layout and on pro-dubbed cassettes as well as through digital streaming platforms.

You will notice from the self-made art and aesthetic that we’re dealing with something extremely unique, defiant, and visionary here. When you hear the music you will be shocked at its violence and taken aback by its senseless display of cruelty, complete chaos, and lawlessness. For over a staggering hour of uninterrupted, unyielding, and savage aural blunt force trauma Pseudocommando will  show you sonic terrorism at its absolute peak and fully subdued to its delirium. This release is by so insane that it is by definition and very nature almost impossible to describe, so we’ll just let you be the judge….

Pseudocommando’s A Home Beneath the Floorboards, is already available digitally in full to stream/download through our channels, while the Sentient Ruin limited edition cassette reissue (the only physical format planned for the release) will officially begin shipping no earlier than August 23 2019.

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