Nashville indie rockers Secret Stuff are premiering a new song titled “2828” featuring their friends in Philadelphia’s Square Peg Round Hole.

Check out “2828” on The Alternative:

The single will be available on all digital platforms on April 26.

Secret Stuff’s Michael Pfohl says: “I wrote 2828 directly after losing something very important to me, the house venue I spent over 3 years of my life growing. After we got the news, I had to pack everything that I owned into a storage locker and leave the very next day for a tour. With all of those emotions swirling around in my head, this song was the only positive thing I could make out of the situation.”

Evan Chapman of Square Peg Round Hole adds, “We were honored when we got asked to collaborate on a new Secret Stuff single. Since we are an instrumental band, and since the song Michael had written was already so strong, it was a fun challenge for us to assume new roles as purely accompaniment. All of our parts were created to compliment existing vocal lines, chord progressions, and rhythms. To match with Michael’s primarily acoustic sounds, we opted for the more organic side of our sound palette, using brushes on the drums and an upright bass bow on the vibraphone. This was a blast to work on and we are thrilled for it to finally get released!”

Upcoming Secret Stuff Dates Tour Dates:

5/18 • Akron, OH • Bless This Mess
5/19 • Columbus, OH • Middle Earth
5/20 • Nashville, TN • The Spice Rack
5/21 • Memphis, TN • The Hi Tone
5/22 • St. Louis, MO • Foam

All dates with Kayak Jones

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