Seaway - Fresh Produce - EP Review
Seaway - Fresh Produce - EP Review 8
Seaway - Fresh Produce - EP Review 8
Seaway - Fresh Produce - EP Review 8
Seaway - Fresh Produce - EP Review 8
Seaway - Fresh Produce - EP Review 8
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Seaway​ are back and treating us with a new album once more. With 3 brand new tracks, 3 alternative versions of previous tracks and 3 covers, there is a lot to be excited about. Not to mention the re release of 2014 EP, ​All In My Head​, there is a lot to get through with ​Fresh Produce.

Starting with the 3 brand new tracks, the second track on the album “Blur” is possibly the greatest of the 3. Starting soft and deep before heading into that fast paced pop punk vibe we know from the band so well. The catchy line “It’s all a Blur in the morning” is one of those that builds that sense of excitement to sing along with throughout the track while the chorus is sure to get you bouncing around the room. The other two new tracks “Pleasures” and “Something New” are also great new tracks from the band.

The alternative versions the band have played with are very cleverly done. While they can still be easily recognised, there is also a clear difference too. “Lula” from the band’s last album is a fantastic new look at the track. However it is so well done that it’s difficult to say which version I prefer, although I may be swaying slightly to this new one with its chilled out acoustic guitars.

All in all this is an album you don’t want to bypass from ​Seaway​. An open mind is all you need to be pulled into the 3 part album, that takes you on a journey from an early EP right through to some new and exciting tracks. It’s a re release record with so much more to offer. Released on the 19th April, it’s certainly one to keep your eyes out for.





Something Wonderful (Alternate Version) 40 Over (Alternate Version)
Lula On The Beach (Alternate Version) Slam/Shy Guys (Alternate Version)
Just What I Needed
Hand In My Pocket
Your Best Friend
The Let Down
If I Came Back For You


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