Seattle’s WYOMING YOUNG AND STRONG Album ‘Black Wire’ Advance Premiere

Seattle’s WYOMING YOUNG AND STRONG Album ‘Black Wire’ Advance Premiere @ Outlaws Of The Sun!

Outlaws Of The Sun hosts an advance premiere of ‘Black Wire‘, the debut album from Seattle sludgeoners Wyoming Young and Strong.

Get your first listen to the entire album right here:

Wyoming Young and Strong is a Josh duo in Seattle, Washington, laying down some sludgy tracks. While not from Wyoming, they write music that speaks to the frustration of being young, strong, and inspired in rural America.

With dual vocals highlighting the heavy guitar and drums, WY&S released the four-song ‘Death and Ruin‘ EP in 2018. They have since been playing shows gathering support around the Pacific Northwest through their energetic live performances. Their debut full-length ‘Black Wire‘ is due out tomorrow!

The ‘Black Wire‘ album is an independent effort set for Digital and Cassette release on Saturday, November 27, 2021. With the album design layout by Brian Kim and art photos by Juha Penttinen, ‘Black Wire‘ was recorded by Wyoming Young and Strong at Sodo Magnetic in Seattle, Washington, in the Spring of 2021. Mastering was completed by Black Belt Mastering.

Black Wire tracklist:
01. Redland Wanderer
02. Race into the Sun
03. Treetops 1
04. Abandoned By the Elders
05. One Last Sleep
06. Treetops 2
07. Black Wire
08. Hellish Allies
09. Treetops 3
10. Age of Iron
If in the Seattle area, catch their Album Release Show tonight at @ The Kraken Bar & Lounge.

Pre-order ‘Black Wire’ now on Digital or Cassette at:

Josh Williams – Drums, Some Vocals
Josh Engelhardt – Guitars, Most Vocals

Some delightful words about ‘Black Wire‘ from The Obelisk’s JJ Koczan:

“Black Wire builds its own sharp peaks and broad valleys across 10 tracks and 47 minutes of careening, noise-informed heavy. They acknowledge the likes of Mastodon as an influence, and that’s there, but with the sometimes combined barks of Engelhardt and Williams, the sludge-meets-burgeoning-progressivism style of their riffs and rhythms …feel more like mid-period Kylesa, and that… is a striking impression to make, with Engelhardt bridging that Phillip Cope-ism with the open swagger of West Coast-style noise rock.”


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