Seattle Alt-Popstars, Pretty Awkward Share “Hangout” Quarantine Session And Stripped Back Version Exclusively At Rock ‘N’ Load

Seattle Alt-Popstars, Pretty Awkward Share “Hangout” Quarantine Session And Stripped Back Version Exclusively At Rock ‘N’ Load

Seattle Sesssion: 
Stripped Version

Quote from Band :
HANG OUT is easily one of the most fun songs to play. We’re always stoked to see how audiences react to this song in a live setting. After having not been able to play shows or tour much this last year and a half due to the pandemic, it feels like the song has taken on a whole new identity. With three of us living in the PNW and one living in SoCal, it’s awesome when we can get into a room together and play HANG OUT for just ourselves. Naturally, we jumped at the idea of getting into a beautiful studio in Seattle to film a live performance of the tune and we love how turned out! – Austin Held 

In their latest single “Hangout,” the Seattle-based indie group flex their pop songwriting chops with one hook after another.”

– Austin Held

The video for our track, “HANG OUT” was easily the most fun I’ve ever had making a music video. It’s a song about just hanging out and doing whatever you feel like doing with a friend or loved one or with whom ever. We really wanted to make a fun-to-watch video with scenes that we could make a mess out of and I believe we accomplished that. We were spoiled with an awesome location, an amazingly creative director (Dylan Fout), crazy talented actors and I got to chill in a pool on a sloth floaty singing my song with my friends. Pretty perfect if you ask me.
– Austin Held
Does it get any better than just hanging out with the ones you love? It really doesn’t. Our music video for Hang Out expresses exactly what us and our director Dylan Fout set out to portray. Some of the best moments of our lives when we look back, are the ones just really doing anything with the people we care about most. That’s really what our band is all about. So hopefully we will see you soon, make some memories, and HANG OUT!
– Nicholas Wiggins
I wish making every music video could be as fun and as satisfying as the “HANG OUT” video was. A group of friends making art, and not worrying about anything else. This video was brought to life in a vibe that perfectly reflected the song. I feel like the Director (Dylan Fout) really captured the essence of “HANG OUT” all the way from casting, to his shots, and into his edits and it shows. This song has resonated with me since the first time I heard it bumped in our ride in LA, and it’s amazing to now be able to have the visual that perfectly fits with our collective brain.
– Jake Jones
This video was by far the coolest one I’ve been apart of. Everyone that worked on it was super fun and we all had a blast with making this song come to life.
– Damien Ward
“Their songs are full of complex sounds using drums, piano, guitar and more to create a catchy song full of positivity.”
– Sound Vapors
“Absolutely solidified their spot on my radar moving forward”
– Indie Pulse

The world keeps getting weirder. Our devices connect and disconnect us more than ever. Our emotions turn into ones and zeroes on-screen. Our lives remain chronicled by cameras everywhere. We take one step forward and one step backward as a society daily in terms of technological, social, and interpersonal advancement. All of that in mind, Pretty Awkward doesn’t just serve as the moniker for the Seattle, WA alternative quartet formed by Austin Held [lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano], Nicholas Wiggins [bass, piano, backing vocals], Jake Jones [lead guitar, backing vocals], and Damien Ward [drums]; it could also be a two-word global “State of the Union” address.

Thankfully, as weird as the world seems, the group’s magnetic melodies, lush instrumentation, and hypnotic hooks never go out of style.

That style and sound propelled Pretty Awkward to the front of the Seattle music scene. After a couple sold out headline shows Sony A&R Don Robertson discovered the band and offered them a deal to join Another CenturyThe Orchard/Sony Records roster.

Pretty Awkward – “Hangout”
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