Seasick Steve // Love & Peace // Album Review
Seasick Steve // Love & Peace // Album Review 9
Seasick Steve // Love & Peace // Album Review 9
Seasick Steve // Love & Peace // Album Review 9
Seasick Steve // Love & Peace // Album Review 9
Seasick Steve // Love & Peace // Album Review 9
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Old school bluesman Seasick Steve is back with yet another stellar recording in the form of Love & Peace. Since his rise to fame in the mid-2000’s Steve has won over an army of fans with his ethereal and no-bullshit approach to music, stripped back, hassle-free and drama free his tunes connect on a personal level and this is what the Blues is all about. 

His latest offering is no different, the album’s title track and opening number kick in with a ZZ Top-Esque vibe that just hits you between the eyes. The majority of the album was recorded on 2” analog tape in Los Angeles at Studio 606 and East-West Studio 3, with additional recording taking place in Steve’s barn which is where the beauty lies within. This honest and organic approach is something that most artists strive to achieve but flows so naturally from Steve like the blood in his veins. 

The album itself has all of Steve’s signature sound written all over it intertwined with the first-class songwriting that has made him a household name in the Blues community and beyond, a highly regarded artist his ability to resonate with his audience through personal storytelling and brutal honesty in his songs makes his recordings so appealing. Love & Peace just flows effortlessly whilst Steve creates a diverse landscape throughout picking up the pace at times and taking it down to a canter to ensure maximum cinematic effect throughout. We may be in strange times indeed, but if you are craving a little consistency in your life and a soundtrack to carry you out of lockdown or back into it, depending on your location Love & Peace is an absolute must. 

Love & Peace is available today from all purveyors of fine music.


LOVE & PEACE tracklist:

  • Love and Peace
  • Regular Man
  • I Will Do for You
  • Clock Is Running
  • Carni Days
  • Church of Me
  • Toes in the Mud
  • My Woman
  • Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Boogie
  • Travelling Man
  • Ready or Not
  • Mercy






LOVE & PEACE audio:


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