Sculptor // Untold Secrets // Album Review

Brazilian death metallers Sculptor release their debut album “Untold Secrets”, a heavy melodic offering that crushes big time, on the 4th of December. Initial listening will have you asking the question “Are these guys really from Brazil”?, as there sound is more akin to the Scandinavian scene than anywhere else, bands like Soilwork, Amon Amarth and In Flames spring to mind as you listen to the album. 

A heavy instrumental ushers in the album in the form of “Interlude” that paves the way for “No Control”, from the moment the drums and guitars kick in you are enthralled as the infectious beat and guttural vocals wash over you and the guitars, riffs and solo alike, are immense. “Redemption” opens with a near AC/DC sound which is quickly replaced by a wall of sound as the drums and bass proceed to melt your face, Rick Eraser’s vocals drive the track over the top with an incessant growl, as the track breaks down at the midpoint the more melodic side merges and plays out to the end with a rhythmic riff that meshes nicely with the carnage going on around it, a great track. “Beyond Madness” opens with a funky drum and bass beat before it drops in to a grinding track that absolutely kills with chugging riffs that carriers the initial funkiness all the way through while Eraser’s vocals are brilliant. “Born To Be A Slave” is a faster track than its predecessors but the band don’t lose any of the heaviness as they lay it on with thick riffs and pounding drums. With “Embrace Yourself” the band take a step away from the death metal side of things and give you a slow clean sung song for the most part, and it is an absolute cracker, soft guitars over a heavy drum beat help build the song to a crescendo where the clean and guttural vocals merge, a surprising track on the album but brilliant all the same. “Empty Space” returns to form with a track that would not be amiss on an Amon Amarth album, deep Vikingesque  guttural roar over a pummelling drum beat that will have you banging your head in rhythm to its seriously groovy beat while the guitar gets in on the act will a cool riff alongside a rumbling bass line, a great track.

“Requiem” has a relentless riff that combines with the drums to drive the track while Eraser growls throughout with the exception of a cleanly sung interjection towards the end of the track. “Untouchable Truth” explodes out of the traps with frantic drumming as Eraser snarls into life, as the track progresses it takes on a Cavalera Conspiracy feel with the drums and guitar doing their best to outdo the other which leads to one of the best tracks on the album, fast, heavy and brutal with a funky solo at the end. “Wake Me Up When The Pain Goes Away” grinds into life with a heavy riff that combined with searing drums lay the foundations for an epic track with Eraser putting on a stellar vocal performance. “Watch Rope” closes out the album with an absolute beast of a track, pounding drums, rumbling bass and brilliant riffs, again Eraser out does himself, a fitting end to an unbelievable debut album.

Untold Secrets is out the 4th of December Via Frontiers Music and is a must have!


No Control
Beyond Madness
Born To Be Slave
Embrace Yourself
Empty Space
Untouchable Truth
Wake Me Up When The Pain Goes Away
Watch Rope

Rick Eraser – Vocals
Vinne – Vocals, Guitars
Caco Ramos – Bass
Fabricio Reis – Guitars
Mateus Schran – Drums

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