Screamer // Highway of Heroes // Album Review
Screamer // Highway of Heroes // Album Review 10
Screamer // Highway of Heroes // Album Review 10
Screamer // Highway of Heroes // Album Review 10
Screamer // Highway of Heroes // Album Review 10
Screamer // Highway of Heroes // Album Review 10
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This just screams, no pun intended, album of the year material. From the intro to the last notes of “Caught in Lies” it just rocks big time.

It’s feels like a time warp and you’ve been transported back to the 80’s and the beginnings of NWOBHM and it is awesome. Each track is as good as the last and it is hard to find a bad one, as the saying goes, all filler no killer. There is nothing boring or repetitive here, just songs with high tempo riffs, killer solos and incredible vocals. Tracks like “Ride On”, “Shadow Hunter” and “Rider of Death” really lay down a marker for other bands in terms of how to take a genre and make it their own. With heavy old school tracks like “Halo” and the title track “Highway of Heroes” packed full of thumping bass and drum beats it’s not hard to see how these guys and their music will stand the test of time much like their predecessors.

“Out Of The Dark” rips it up big time with crashing drums and groovy riffs that hit all the right spots with a nice little solo to close the track out. “Towers Of Babylon” and “Caught In Lies” bring the album to a close in the only way these guys know how, full tilt, balls to the wall rock.

This album does as the band’s name suggests, screams through ten tracks of pure metal heaven with no let up and believe me it stands up multiple plays as it is just outstanding


Highway Of Heroes is out 11th October Via Sign Records




01 – Intro (Exclusive on physical release)
02 – Ride On
03 – Shadow Hunter
04 – Rider of Death
05 – Sacrifice
06 – Halo
07 – Highway of Heroes
08 – Out of The Dark
09 – Towers of Babylon
10 – Caught In Lies


01.11.19 DE – Hamburg, Bambi Galore
02.11.19 NL – Nijverdal, Cult Art Club
03.11.19 DE – Kassel, Goldgrube
05.11.19 DE – Leipzig, Mørtelwerk
06.11.19 CZ – Prague, Club007
07.11.19 AT – Wien, Escape
08.11.19 AT – Linz, Kapu
09.11.19 AT – Dornbirn, Schlachthaus
10.11.19 DE – Göppingen, Zille
11.11.19 BE – Bree, Ragnarock
12.11.19 DE – Saarbrücken, Studio 30
14.11.19 DE – Münster, Rare Guitar
15.11.19 DE – Mannheim, MS Connection
16.11.19 DE – Koblenz, Florinsmarkt

23.11.19 SE – Gislaved, Crash Course Club
29.11.19 SE – Göteborg, The Abyss
30.11.19 SE – Örebro, Watt
more live dates to be announced….

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more pre-order alternatives available soon…

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