Scour // Black // EP Review

The supergroup like no other, involving Adam Jarvis of Pig Destroyer, Mark Kloeppel from Misery Index, Derek Engemann from Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, John Jarvis from Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Phillip H. Anselmo of Down and Pantera, formed in 2015 and then the following year the Grey EP was released followed by the Red in 2017 and now the Black EP is about to push things even further. This release also boasts guest slots from Erik Rutan from Hate Eternal, Pat O’Brien from Cannibal Corpse, and potentially the most surprising addition – Jason Momoa.

Scour not only blur genre lines, they smash straight through them creating a brutal mixture of Black Metal, Grindcore along with Thrash and Punk to form a crushing and punishing sound that will test the most hardened of extreme music fans.

Almost as if to give fair warning the opening track starts with the sound of an air raid siren before searing guitars, destructive drums, and a growling vocal bordering on guttural complete the incredible sound of Blackened Grind.

Whilst the EP lasts a brief 16 minutes and is spread over 6 breakneck tracks, there is little to no chance of being truly prepared for just how hard this is going to smash you between the eyes and send your brain rattling and it doesn’t bet change to recover until this monster is over as even when interlude ‘Microbes’ arrives, it feels like some sort of horror is impending.

Black continues the incredible run of Eps releases by the group and allows the members to unleash their raw aggression on the world in all its questionable glory. The whirlwind of noise is nothing short of unrelenting power and extremely abrasive sounds and the mental torture is stunning.

This EP will continue to push the group further and even though it is a side venture for the members, the fans will be wanting more new music soon, me included. 

Ed Ford


Black is released Friday, November  27th via Nuclear Blast



1. Doom 3:01 

2. Nail 2:29 

3. Propaganda 1:56 

4. Flames 2:52 

5. Microbes 2:03 

6. Subprime 3:33



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