So For Anyone Unfamiliar With A Ritual Spirit Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourselves.
We are A Ritual Spirit and we hail from Edinburgh, Scotland.We formed back in late 2009 after a previous band split up, and dragged Dave in to help on the drums part-time.After writing and self-recording our first demo during 2010 we started the usual gig circuit in 2011. In 2013 we released our debut album Carnival Carnivorous and took it on the road playing some top venues and festivals up and down the UK including the New Blood stage at Bloodstock in 2018. During this time we’ve had a couple of line up changes including founding member and lead guitarist Stevie leaving the band. This brings us to where we are today with Martin on bass and vocals, and Fraser on Lead Guitar. Both additions have brought a new lease of life to the band, and musical ideas that hopefully you will all enjoy. Dave has also come to realize by this point that there is no escape! The current line up recorded and released The Antidote EP late 2019 which was produced by Bryan Ramage of Ramage Inc., and is available at all the usual online sources.
So What Are You Crazy Kids Up To Now? 
Thanks to Covid-19 and lockdown, we are currently missing each other immensely!
Obviously we can’t get together and jam some tunes so we’ve turned our attention to our social media platforms (listed below) and planning for the future post-lockdown … and Dave cleaned the van out after our last road trip!
We were approached by our friend Bobby at Reaction management who has taken us under his wing to help in both these areas, and this has resulted in us preparing to release our next single complete with a self-made lyric video from The Antidote EP.
‘Broken/Disappear’ featuring live and behind the scenes footage from the past year and a half will be releasing on June 26th.
You can find us in all the usual places – Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazonc etc.
Our main merch channel is BandCamp, plus we have a website and several social media pages.
After Lockdown What’s next for you? 
As well as releasing the new video as mentioned earlier, we are currently working on our second album which we would like to release sometime in 2021. We all have a few ideas and can’t wait to get back into the practice room and blast through them as a unit.
We have obviously had a few shows canceled this year so we are keen to get back out on the road again. The addition of Bobby and Reaction Management will lead to new venues and towns/cities which excites us, and hopefully, we can take our music over into Europe as well. If not further.
Better make sure that there are fresh tires on the van Dave!
From Drummer Dave: There are many influences, but I think this one is probably at the top of my list most often. Motley Crue’s Wild Side – I never get bored of this track. The energy, the lights, the crowd, THAT drum kit –

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