Scottish Alt-Rockers Stay for Tomorrow Drop Pop-Punk Banger ‘Lipstick Lips’

Stay for Tomorrow – ‘Lipstick Lips’

Emerging from Dunfermline’s ever-fertile underground scene back in 2018, Stay for Tomorrow have carved their own niche somewhere between pop-punk and alt-rock, and succeeded in turning plenty of heads along the way thanks to a slew of well received singles, such as ‘Criminal’, ‘Non Applicable (Na Na)’ and ‘Prison Living’, the latter of which was described by The Other Side as “Unquestionably one of the best contemporary alternative rock tunes you’ll hear this year”.

Conversely, the band’s forthcoming single ‘Lipstick Lips’ takes a different, more melodic approach than its predecessor. Three and a half minutes of infectious and upbeat pop-punk, it showcases a further facet of the Scottish rockers.

Described by the band as being “a story of a self-assertive person retaliating at their ex with a loud, middle-finger message that they will never find anyone that compares to them. Despite their best attempts to move on, anyone else they find is nothing special. “All you’ll find are the lipstick lips and the stereotypes.”

A narrative fittingly suited to the track’s inherent pop-punk aesthetic, it’s easy to imagine this track soundtracking those early Tony Hawk’s games that were formative to so many. A bright and breezy slice of summer that harbours nostalgia and feel good vibes in equal measure, it fits perfectly within Stay for Tomorrow’s canon, whilst showcasing another side to the band.

Stay for Tomorrow are:

  • Joe MacFarlane (Vocals/Guitar)

  • Nic Holson (Guitar/Backing Vocals/Synth Production)

  • Ollie Cobbet (Bass/Backing Vocals)

  • Sean Priestley (Drums/Backing Vocals)