Scordatura // Mass Failure // Album Review

Glasgow based Brutal Death Metal band Scordatura is about to release the follow up to the 2017 monster Self-Created Abyss with one of most highly anticipated albums of 2020 in the underground scene as the band look to push on and create the serious waves which their hard work on the touring scene deserves, having shared stages with heavyweights Nile, Blood Red Throne and Defeated Sanity.

Do not expect a slow build-up to this nine-track juggernaut as the moment you press play, the battering begins and also don’t expect any moments to take a breath as the unrelenting brutality begins to exert its dominance with its savage Grind infused Extreme Death Metal that is full of ear perforating drums, slashing guitars, thick bass, and gruff vocals.

As the album progresses each aspect of the band comes to the fore at some point whether that be searing guitar solos, chugging riffs, slapping bass, or shattering drums that just keep displaying the outstanding levels that the individuals reach yet when it is all put together the result it something with catastrophically crushing power.

Each track is perfectly designed and structured for maximum devastation and that is exactly the result that these creations achieve as the rage, frustration, and emotion are spewed down your ear canal and floods your brain allowing the bile to begin to corrode your nervous system causing irreparable damage.

Each spin of the album allows for a deeper appreciation of the intricacies of the music and with each listen the album just keeps getting better and more brutal which is something that you don’t think is possible and makes the release one that remains fresh whilst retaining its disturbing edge.

Mass Failure is a stunning addition to any fan of Brutal Death Metals collection and one that you will want to keep on your turntable, in your CD player, or at the top of your playlist on your phone as the Scordatura, lads have created a genuine masterpiece of brutality and savagery.

I would urge anyone to jump on this release immediately and strap yourself in as things are going get heavy and there is no denying that the album goes hard from start to finish as this soundtrack of despair and brutality provides the perfect soundtrack for the current fucked up state of the world.


Ed Ford


Mass Failure is released Friday 25th September 2020 via Gore House Productions.

Track list

Disease Of Mind
Skin Trophy
Nothing But Dust
Contorted Existence
World Devoured
The Flesh That Hates
Mass Failure
Immense Atrocity
Collapse Of Humanity



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