Schemata Theory // Unity In Time // Album Review


Berkshire Post-Hardcore crew Schemata Theory drop their sophomore album Unity In Time this coming Friday, Feb 25th. 

The band have taken all the experience gained from the debut offering ‘Dry Lung Rhetoric’ and pushed themselves to create a blistering follow up. The guys have assembled a ten-track beauty packed with pummeling riffage, savage songwriting and a glorious blend of guttural vocals and clean interweaving in and out of each track. 

No matter how hefty the weight of the recording gets there is always breathing space given to each track to allow for the melodic quality to shine through. The album tackles many of the issues facing all of us in modern society and the growing disconnect in our lives,

‘Unity in Time’ is Schemata Theory’s acknowledgement that the struggle continues as we all try to create and develop much-needed connections. Our common humanity exists beyond fear, ego and defensiveness, all of which stands in its way.

“We wanted to explore the concept of connection in this new album and its importance in every aspect of life. Technological advancements in the 21st century have drowned us in the mass exposure of information, revealing uncomfortable truths – and untruths – about the world and its inhabitants. As a result, it has exposed the disconnects that permeate modern life.

Digital personas and accompanying online pressures have caused human beings to dissociate from themselves. Mass production of goods & services within an economy that relies on consumption has divorced us from nature. The fear of an evolving interconnected global culture has allowed for cynicism and hatred to thrive, in turn, this has driven wedges between family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues and citizens.

The irony is that all these elements of disconnect are linked, but that doesn’t diminish what a difficult task it is to turn the tides and build unity where fissures currently exist. To remain isolated and within an echo chamber is the path of least resistance, whereas to forge unity requires a significant amount of time & energy.

Although the very idea of unity is appealing and easy to agree with at face value, the reality is very different. Discovering and standing in solidarity with people who are already on the same page as you is effortless. Whereas reaching out and bridging the divide with those who come from a completely different place is where the real work commences…”

Whilst the subject matter may be heavy in itself, without the likes of Schemata Theory bringing them to the fore for the younger generations to acknowledge the topics at large, and what better way through angst-ridden bangers like the tracks perfectly formed on Unity In Time. 

If you are looking for a fresh face on the Modern-Metal scene, Schemata Theory is for you. 

Unity In Time drops this Friday. 





   As Clouds Gather 1:02
   Voices 4:03
   Prism 3:07
   Mind Eater 3:03
   New Vision 4:02
   Vantage Point 3:52
   Our Only Home 3:48
   Mirrors 7:25
   Pain Unknown 4:20
   Horror Show 4:32


Schemata Theory // Unity In Time // Album Review
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