Scarred // “Scarred” // Album Review


After nearly eight years away Scarred are back with a self-titled album that will both astound and thrill you. With a new singer, Yann Dalscheid aboard they have broadened their range and his vocals complement their sound superbly. Opening track “Sol” is a synth-based instrumental intro that slowly leads you into “Mirage”, the complete and utter opposite of what preceded it, a blistering sonic attack of drums, heavy riffs, pounding bass and Dalscheid’s guttural vocals, halfway through they go off an amazing atmospheric tangent, complete with eerie harmonies, that meshes perfectly with the opening half of the song, it shouldn’t but it does.

“A.D…Something” opens with a cool riff before descending into the depths of hell with Dalscheid growling and roaring his way through the track that has some serious groove while still managing to be unbelievably heavy, with crazy drums and grinding riffs it leaves you wanting more. “Chupacabra” gives you more with drums that are off the hook and Dalscheid belting out vocals that range from screaming to demonic while the guitars chug along menacingly in a brutal assault on the senses. “Prisms” is about as far away as you can get from anything that has come before on this album, a guitar lead instrumental with ominous overtones, short but sweet that leads nicely into the Gojira inspired “Merry-Go-Round” heavy on the riffs with mostly clean vocals, a seriously catchy melodic chorus bolstered by pounding drums and bass, a great song.

“Nothing Instead” is of a similar vein with a groove-laden heavy beat and a seriously cool guitar solo, although it is quite short it has a certain epic feel to it, an amazing track. “In Silent Darkness” is a long languid prog style instrumental that showcases the band’s obvious musical prowess. “A.H.A.I.A.” brings things back to speed with a monster, grinding riffs, machine-gun drumming, rumbling bass and Dalscheid screaming and snarling his way through the track as a man possessed until the midpoint of the song where it shifts dramatically to a tribal chanting over slow heavy riffs that fade out to “Lua” a bass-led short instrumental with soft acoustic guitars that slowly builds to a crescendo before seamlessly dropping into “Dance Of The Giants”, a heavy-hitting track that ranges from death metal to prog to goth, filled with synths and haunting harmonising, a strange combination that works really well. “Petrichor” once again see the band change things up with a near metalcore track, alternating between clean and guttural vocals to a backdrop of mesmerising guitars, pummeling drums and bass, a great song that will catch some people by surprise. “Yours Truly” is a synth prog style track that closes out an outstanding album.

While Scarred is essentially a death metal band with an emphasis on the technical side this album along with their new singer shows how the band have evolved and plan to move forward, hopefully, it won’t take another eight years to get the next album.


Scarred is out 22nd January via Klonosphere Records





Scarred Tracklist:

  Sol 1:01
  Mirage 6:34
  A.D…Something 4:20
  Chupacabra 3:06
  Prisms 2:15
  Merry-Go-Round 4:32
  Nothing Instead 4:13
  In Silent Darkness 6:18
  A.H.A.I.A. 7:59
  Lua 2:26
  Dance Of The Giants 5:35
  Petrichor 5:42
  Yours Truly 1:51

Scarred are:

Yann Dalscheid Vocals

Laurent Kessel Drums

Bertrand Pinna Bass

Diogo Bastos Guitar/ Backing vocals

Vincent Wilquin Guitars/ Backing vocals    


Scarred // “Scarred” // Album Review
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