Scarred – Luxembourg Thrash/Death-Metal Band Reveal Music Video For “Petrichor”

Scarred – Luxembourg Thrash/Death-Metal Band  Reveal Music Video For “Petrichor”

Luxembourg-based death-metal group Scarred have just revealed an animated music video for a new track from their critically acclaimed self-titled full-length album, released last January on Klonosphere Records.

Titled “Petrichor”, the video was produced by Animyou and is now playing at this location.

The follow-up to their second album “Gaia-Medea” marks the debut of new singer Yann Dalscheid and was recorded by the band and Patrick Damiani at Tidalwave Studio, in Karlsruhe-Germany, mixed by Patrick Damiani and mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering, Karlsruhe.

If you missed it watch the videos for previous singles “Mirage” here and“Ahaia” here.

 …like a truck from Mad Max spewing flames and battery acid. If you dig bands like Machine Head, Revocation, and Sylosis, you’re gonna love Scarred.

SCARRED can still slam, grind and groove with the best of them, however, and thus their third full-length covers an incredible amount of musical ground, with everything seamlessly sewn together into a grotesque but frequently fascinating whole.

this is a masterpiece beyond comparison

Combining thrash riffs with heavy grooves and intelligent melodies, they offer both creativity and substance. The guitar work is razor sharp, while the bass and drums hammer down some crunchy grooves.

…a solid record full of plenty of good ideas and a particularly strong mid-section.

Scarred take no prisoners throughout the entirety of this epic metal record. The peaks and troughs of intensity result in a rollercoaster ride that is extraordinarily enjoyable and also exorbitantly heavy.

The pummeling grooves and thrash/death metal roots that has sometimes brought them some Gojira comparisons in the past are still present, but there’s a lot more focus on soaring melodies and atmosphere that brings in some prog and psychedelic flourishes.

Think of the excellent albums from The Ocean, Haken and Black Crown Initiate last year, and rub your hands together. Scarred are right there with them

Many bands that sound similar go for old natural kind of inspirations whereas this self-titled release brings to mind more of a science fiction setting infused with the psychedelic human nature of Cynic. It’s colossal. 

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