A Sandstorm Over Berlin

Scardust, Israel’s premier progressive metal band, in a theatrical performance featuring Stimmgewalt, the Berlin based hardcore choir.

Over the last few years Scardust established itself as the dominant progressive metal band in Israel through sold out headline performances as well as supporting the likes of Epica, Therion and Symphony X.  Their debut album ‘Sands Of Time’, released last year, was very well received and set the ground for their first European Tour, ‘Sandstorm over Europe’, which starts in Dong Open Air Festival (12-14th July) and continues with their first headline show on 15th July at the Musik And Frieden Club in Berlin.

Tickets are available from: https://shevet.tickets.de

Scardust’s live shows are renowned for virtuoso vocal and instrument performances, catchy choruses and a choir numbering between 12-18 people, conducted by the confident and strong hand of Noa Gruman, Scardust’s lead vocalist.
In ‘Sandstorm over Berlin’, the choir, an inseparable part of every Scardust experience, will be performed by Stimmgewalt, the Berlin based hardcore choir.  Stimmgewalt performed with the likes of Van Canto and Israeli oriental metal giants, “Orphaned Land” with whom Noa regularly guest appears.

Opening the event will be local metallers, Bartok, whose unique style blends heavy, stoner grooves with experimental metal and prog rock, analogous to the spirit and inspiration of hungarian composer Béla Bartok.
Scardust are causing a stir wherever they go and have appeal which reaches across the board, from prog, metal, rockers through to mainstream music fans. SCARDUST combine some of the finest musicians in Israel with stunning live performances, theatrics & their incredible Choir of Mysterious Monks, who add serious depth to the songs. They really aren’t just a band, they’re a whole experience.

Their incredible album ‘Sands Of Time’ was released last year and you can listen to it below, it’s available worldwide for review and airplay now.

‘Sands Of Time’ is, incredibly, their debut album. I say incredibly, because this is such a fantastic piece of work  that you’d think they’d been at it for years…..This is a wonderful piece of work. If you enjoy quality progressive or symphonic metal, the get yourself a copy now”
Powerplay Magazine

Sands Of Time 

1. Act -I Overture
2. Act-II Eyes Of Agony
3. Act-III Dials
4. Act-IV Hourglass
5. Act-V Sands Of Time
6. Arrowhead
7. Out Of Strong Came Sweetness
8. Queen Of Insanity
9. Blades
10. Gift Divine

The album is available to buy from all usual digital outlets & can also be purchased from:

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