Scarcity Reveal “iii”

Scarcity Reveal “iii

The piece appears on Aveilut, the duo’s debut album for The Flenser, out on July 15th.

Photo credit: Caroline Harrison.

Scarcity, the duo that features Brendon Randall-Myers (Glenn Branca Ensemble) and Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores), has revealed another passage from their forthcoming LP Aveilut.  The track, “iii,” is one part of the album’s 45-minute-long composition.  Described as black metal roughly in the vein of Jute Gyte, Krallice, Mare Cognitum, and Enhare – with hefty doses of post-Branca microtonal guitar abuse, and a cinematic scope that draws on Randall-Myers’ work with orchestras— Aveilut’s mathematical abstraction and lyrical focus on the greatness of the void breed raw emotion, attempting to represent a catastrophe, the vastness and inevitability of things outside our control; as well as a direct expression of grief, a kind of requiem

Though born of Randall-Myers and Moore’s intense intimacy with absence, Aveilut is an attempt to present a harrowing universal representation of death’s true form.  Randall-Myers wrote the album while processing the sudden deaths of two people close to him, tracked the album while caught in Beijing’s first lockdown of 2020, and finished it while surrounded by the overwhelming plague visuals of New York’s early COVID peak. Back in Brooklyn, Moore found himself in the midst of an equally bleak lockdown experience — living next to a funeral home when New York City was America’s COVID epicenter. From conception through development, tangible death surrounded Aveilut.

Look for Aveilut to be available on CD, LP + Digital formats on July 15th, 2022 from The Flenser — pre-orders are available here.

Scarcity, Aveilut — track listing:

1.  i

2.  ii

3.  iii

4.  iv

5.  v



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