Egypt’s Death Metal band Scarab unleash their new lyric video Circles of Verminejya. The song is taken from their third full length upcoming album titled Martyrs of the Storm. The album features a number of artists: Joe Haley(Psycroptic), Karl Sanders (Nile), Tarassenko Nikita (The Condratiction), Amducias Baal (Temple of Baal), Stephen Moss (Onsetcold), Achraf Loudiy(Aeternam) and Paul Nazarkardeh (De Profundis). The bass has been recorded with another De Profundis member, Arran Macsporran.
The release date for Martyrs of the Storm will be confirmed later.Vocalist Sammy Sayed explains why so many artists are featured on the album: “We want to make a statement in the name of brotherhood and unity of metal WORLDWIDE. We want Martyrs of the Storm to be something beyond just us and our egos. Artists such as Joe Haley and Karl Sanders have influenced us a lot and it is great to have their spirit added to our work of art.
Every song in the album is dedicated to a concept, all wrapped in this sphere of chaos called Martyrs of the Storm. These are the songs:

  1. Martyrs of the Storm (feat. Joe Haley)
  2. Necropotence
  3. Kingdom of Chaos (feat. Karl Sanders)
  4. Blood Moon Shadows
  5. Circles of Verminejya
  6. Oblivious Sanctum (feat. Tarassenko Nikita)
  7. Dwellers Beneath (feat. Amducias Baal)
  8. Coffin Texts (feat. Achraf Loudiy)
  9. Saturnian (feat. Paul Nazarkardeh)
  10. Upon the Pagan Lands

Circles of Verminejya is dedicated to the mystical and magical tradition of Voodoo from great Africa. Watch the lyric video for Circles of Verminejya here:

[vimeo 289903570 w=640 h=360]

Scarab – Circles of Verminejya (Lyrical Video Clip) from Scarab Band on Vimeo.

"Martyrs of the Storm" artwork
The album cover is a real painting by the artist “Fiona Garcia” digitally adapted by Al Sharif Marzeban.
Scarab are:
Sammy Sayed – Vocals
Al Sharif Marzeban – Guitar
Tarek Amr – Guitar
Sherif Elias- Keys
Amir El Saidi – Drums

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