Scandroid drops new remix Album ‘Dreams Of Darkness, Visions Of Light’, out now

Listen to ‘Awakenings‘ here:

Los Angeles, California – Following the success of Scandroid’s double-album experience The Darkness and The Light, released in Fall 2020, each vocal track has received official remixes that will send listeners into Dreams of Darkness, Visions of Light, and is available now from FiXT.

Ranging from synthwave, synth pop, and post-punk to vaporwave and chillwave, the remix album features a who’s who list of remixes including DEADLIFE, Volkor-X, Fury Weekend, Waveshaper, 3FORCE, The Anix, Lucy In Disguise PRIZM, Extra Terra, Cassetter, Turboslash, Lazerpunk, Polyark, Tommy ’86, Hexenkraft, and Hello Meteor.

Thank you for over 10,000,000+ streams of ‘The Darkness and The Light’  on Spotify. I’m excited to announce the expanded experience  ‘Dreams of Darkness, Visions of Light’, including great remixes from  Fury Weekend, Waveshaper, Lucy In Disguise, DEADLIFE, and more.
The Darkness or The Light – which side are you on?


Taking on the chill side of Scandroid’s “Awakening” Hello Meteor turns things up a notch with this upbeat remix featuring a relaxed bass driven rhythm section echoing out over an energized shimmering soundscape.

Stream / Purchase  Dreams of Darkness, Visions of Light


The synthwave project of Los Angeles-based artist and producer Klayton, Scandroid is a love letter to the ‘80s delivered with modern production and a genre-crossing set of influences. Best known for his work on the multifaceted project Celldweller, Klayton has found a new inspiration for his densely layered compositions by combining ‘80s pop sensibilities with a host of other creative ideas, ranging from classic darkwave to modern electronic music.
The result is an immersive audio experience infused with imaginative sci-fi lyrics and atmosphere. In addition to creating original songs under the Scandroid name, Klayton has also brought his distinctive style to some of his favorite tracks from the ‘80s, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Tears for Fears’ “Shout.”
Scandroid’s music has cracked the Top 10 on the iTunes Electronic Albums chart and the Top 5 on the Billboard Electronic Albums chart. Along with his original songs streaming in the millions, Scandroid’s music has also been the subject of several popular remixes, including a Dance with the Dead remix of “Neo-Tokyo” that has accumulated 12 million combined streams between Spotify and YouTube alone.
Following the Scandroid self-titled debut album in 2016, Klayton released a second full-length album, Monochrome, in 2017. This was followed by the most ambitious project in Scandroid’s history to date, as the artist embarked on a pair of twin recordings released across 2018 and 2019, The Darkness and its follow-up, The Light. These were later collected together with three all-new tracks and additional singles in a massive 19-song double album, The Darkness and the Light, released in late 2020.

FiXT is a multi-genre internationally recognized, 100% independent artist-owned record and publishing company, founded in 2006 by artist/producer  Klayton  (Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust). FiXT‘s mission is to deliver world class music, label services, customer service, and fan experiences, connecting artists to global audiences.

FiXT’s catalog of music has garnered over 2.5 billion online streams connecting with a core audience of gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and comic book fans and serves a worldwide fanbase in over 150 countries, reaching millions of listeners each month.

FiXT’s catalog of rock, metal, synthwave, indie-pop, and EDM tracks has received over 1,000 Film/TV/Video Game and advertising sync placements, including: Westworld, Power Rangers, Lexus, Toyota,  Suicide Squad, Iron Man, Robocop, Jack Reacher, Deadpool, John Wick,  Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim, Call of Duty, Synth Riders,  Assassin’s Creed, Need For Speed, Razer, Dead Rising, UFC and more.

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