SAVE THE NOIZE 2 coming on November 19, 2021 Rock Musicians Unite again to Help Save the Music Industry

SAVE THE NOIZE 2 coming on November 19, 2021
Rock Musicians Unite again to Help Save the Music Industry


Save The Noize is a charity project started by Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund (Hårdrock – För Fan! – Podcast, Corey Duvette, Veritas) and Jesper Lindgren (Velvet Insane) at the end of 2020. The project was started in benefit of “Musikerförbundets crisis foundation”. In April 2021 the song “Save The Noize ” was released under the roof of “Sound Pollution Distribution”, on digital streaming services alongside a music video for the song. The track was written by Erik Modin (Wildness) and Martin Sweet (Crashdiet). The song was produced by Roger Bergsten (Nevo Studios), mastered by Thomas Plec and the music video was produced by Gustav Kronfelt who has done music videos for  Dregen and Electric Boys, to name a few. The covid – 19 pandemic has stricken hard toward everybody, not to say at least towards musicians in Sweden and around the world. Musicians from USA, Sweden, Norway and Denmark therefore came together under the banner of “Save The Noize”, to collect money for charity. Like Swedish Metal Aid in 1985 or Hear ‘n Aid in 1986, where musicians came together for charity, but this time they all came together to save their own jobs and their own community.

Artists that guested this modern and socially relevant track was to name a few, Tony Harnell (TNT), Jesper Binzer (D.A.D), Åge Sten Nilsen & Trond Holter (WIG WAM), Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) and Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper). A total of 30 something musicians and artists came together for this common cause. Now after this fantastically successful project, Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund and Jesper Lindgren presents: “Save The Noize 2”. Save The Noize version 2 is a pure follow up to the first track. It’s the same track but in a totally new and different take. Fewer artists are guesting the second track but bigger names get to take place, with the focus on the international market. With this version and with the accompanying music video, we want to show that the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here. Musicians can slowly but surely come out and play, travel on the roads and come back to their jobs. We want to give hope and show that we made it through this together. In benefit of Musikerförbundets crisis foundation.

We present the lineup for Save The Noize 2:
Dee Snider – Vocals (Twisted Sister, Solo)
Michael Starr – Vocals (Steel Panther)
Johnny Gieoli – Vocals (Hardline)
Howie Simon – Vocals/Guitar (Jeff Scott Soto, Stryper)
Kee Marcello – Guitar (Ex Europe, Kee Of Hearts, Out Of This World).
Jimmy Jay – Bass (H.E.A.T)
Eric Bazilian – Vocals (The Hooters)
Martin Thomander – Guitar (Electric Boys)
Per Soläng – Drums (Corroded)
Chaq Mol – Guitar (Dark Funeral)
Martin Sweet- Vocals (Crashdiet)
Niklas Isfeldt – Vocals (Dream Evil)
Nalle Colt – Guitar (Vintage Trouble)
Carl Sentence – Vocals (Nazareth)
Jens Werner – Rhythm Guitar (Veritas)
Corey Duvette (Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund) – Backup Vocals/Choir (Veritas, solo)
Jesper Lindgren – Rhythm Guitar (Velvet Insane)
Alex Kron – Keyboard/Organ (Bad Baron)
David Åkesson – Backup Vocals/Choir/Arrangement of choirs. (Qantice)

The song is produced once again by Roger Bergsten (Nevo Studios) and mastered by Thomas Plec. The music video is made by Martin Sweet (Crashdiet). The album cover is made by Michelle Rudolfsson.

Save The Noize 2 is scheduled for release on the 19th of November alongside an accompanying music video.

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