Sarvok // Cabin In Space // EP Review

Surrounded in mystery and intrigue, Sarvok came to being some time ago, the exact amount of time is unknown, however, 2020 is the year when this result of a 40-day journey into experimentation and meditation in a music studio will force its way into the light.

Sarvok comments that this unique blend of music “is like a meditation to esoteric occultism” and the person behind the music is completely in control of everything to do with the release, having recorded, mixed and mastered it as well as creating the front-page artwork, so this truly is an all-in creative outlet for whoever this inventor of music is.

The four-track EP lasts for roughly 16 minutes and immediately the sounds that emerge from the dark emptiness of nothing begin to put you under a strange trance. With low humming tones that are matched with a slow beat and an occasional beam sound, you are slowly transported into a gloomy and eerie arena. The sounds in the opening track will scare those unprepared folks as it starts to test your nervous makeup.

The sound of the guitars welcome unto in the second track along with thrashjng waves, however this serene place does not last long as the sound of muffles screams begin to crack the picture perfect image and the beat returns, along with the a drone that underlies the acoustic guitar.

The combination of sounds and effects continues through the EP as we are transported further into the concerning unknown as the sounds talk to places in the mind that conventional music can only dream of. You are under the spell cast by Sarvok and the scary sound of your mind being infiltrated is extremely unnerving but there is nothing you can do about it as you are transfixed.

The four tracks are what can only be described as incredibly dark and sinister yet completely engaging and unsettling as the audible experience latches onto you and takes over, whisking you to the darkest corners of space where you will learn if anyone will hear you scream.

Cabin in Space is the instrumental EP you didn’t know you needed, yet as soon as you have heard it, you will realise that it is the most important EP you will hear this year.


Ed Ford


Track List

  1. SA4d79
  2. SA54686f75676874
  3. SA43616d652066726f6d
  4. SA746865206162797373



Official Promo Video Created by George Lambrakis on behalf of Fucking Your Creation Records:


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