Sanzu – Australian Death-Metal Outfit Unleash Video For New Song “Throne Of Rope”

Sanzu – Australian Death-Metal Outfit Unleash Video For New Song “Throne Of Rope”
Seven long years following the release of their critically acclaimed debut full-length album “Heavy Over The Home”, Perth-based death-metal outfit Sanzu finally unleash new material in the form of a visualizer video for a new track off the band’s album “Our Behaviour When Drowning”. 

Titled “Throne Of Rope” this new song was written and recorded by Sanzu, mixed and mastered by George Lever at G1 Productions, and the video for the song was created by Leovannmusic (

Watch “Throne Of Rope” video here.

Comments the band: It’s great to finally be able to release something to our fans. People have been continuously asking us for new material for 7 years and that’s not something we’ve taken lightly or ignored. We’ve constantly had a duality of situations that have helped and hindered. We had the fundamental agreement that we still wanted to make music together and wanted to pursue it under the stylistic SANZU “idea”. But, also month after month, year after year, massive personal and interpersonal changes, complex situations, changing tastes, members going, members going then coming back, health issues and evolving standards and ideas for music and life. All these factors were rapidly turning over faster than we could hope to produce music.” 

“So it’s at this point that we are really pleased to release a couple tracks we’re proud of and to show some different shades and tones being experimented with. We know and understand there may be real disappointment that the promised full length isn’t a reality yet. But we hope that the people who saw that announcement and our lengthy explanation of the trails leading to that point can trust us in knowing that the trails have not stopped! And yet we’re one step closer and one toe out of the door. So, easy does it!”

“Throne of Rope is from a handful of songs we have written over the last few years that have concepts around having children. This one is maybe more abstract and less literal than our other material as it loosely brings together ideas about toxic parenting, ownership and projected expectations. As well as the frustration a lot people can have with an outdated education system that seems at odds with human and childlike nature. This song has some deceptive qualities, if you surrender to its tone in the given moment it tends to pull you around and down without much consideration for where you were before. Coincidentally the structure also sets a frame for the concept of childhood and education that the lyrics address. With its free and flowing beginning, being full of potential that then descends into turbulence and militancy.” 

“We hope you all enjoy Throne of Rope and stay tuned for the next one, it will surely flatten you. 
For now you can enjoy this track via our FB & YouTube. Keep an eye out for its availability on other platforms.”  

Forged in 2013 in Perth, Australia, Sanzu is a unique beast that has unleashed heavy music in a way that utilizes diversity and originality without straying too far from its death metal foundation. Melodic saw-blade riffs meet savage bass lines and earth-quaking percussion manifesting a rhythm section that thunders and grooves in unison with unrestrained vocal assaults akin to some malformed diabolic beast MetalSucks likened to Gojira and Morbid Angel.

The band self-released one EP “Painless” and their debut full-length, “Heavy Over The Home”, in 2015 to wide-spread critical acclaim, also leading them to a record deal with Listenable Records, who reissued their debut album on cd and vinyl in early 2016.

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