*** Female Fronted Alt / Rock / Metallers’ New ‘5 Seconds To Midnight’ Single & Video Released 1st November From New ‘Cold Blood’ Album Out December 6th on Odyssey Music***


Fiery female-fronted Alt / Rock / Metal quartet Sanguine today release ‘5 Seconds To Midnight’, the second single taken from their upcoming landmark third studio album, ‘Cold Blood’, released December 6th on Odyssey Music. Singer Tarin Kerrey states that “‘5 Seconds To Midnight’ is about the Cinderella identity that musicians carry. Most are unpaid and have to hold down two jobs. The only reason musicians play is to have a few minutes on stage where they can become the person they always wanted to be but at midnight they turn back to their previous identities.”


Check the video out here:


While ‘Cold Blood’, the follow-up to 2016’s massively acclaimed ‘Black Sheep’ album, is a markedly more melody drenched offering than its awesome predecessor, it nevertheless exudes the aggressive, hard hitting, heavy energy that Sanguine have become so well known for. ‘Black Sheep’ went down so well with the press and fellow musicians that Sanguine were subsequently invited on tour across the UK and Europe with a number of notable acts including Fear Factory, Skindred, Hell Yeah, Zebrahead and Mushroom Head, building a huge army of followers along the way. The many months of touring allowed Sanguine to refine what they do to a fine art and ‘Cold Blood’ is more than testament to that.


The new album’s title is a nod to the rise in mental health problems and apparent increase in the suicides of Sanguine’s musical idols. Guitarist Nick Magee explains that “When we were writing ‘Cold Blood’ multiple rock legends killed themselves and it felt like the industry was just a coldblooded environment to exist in. That’s part of the reason we hid ourselves away so we could focus on what made us happy rather than trying to jump through hoops to please some record exec!” ‘Cold Blood’, which is a generally more cohesive body of work than ‘Black Sheep’, was recorded and produced by Sanguine in the UK at various studios and locations, including Middle Farm Studios, where the drums were put down, and Sanguine HQ.


After Sanguine released their self-titled, (shoestring produced, mostly comprised of demos) debut album in 2012, they began building their formidable reputation for explosive live shows whilst supporting bands such as Megadeth and Cancer Bats and playing at Festivals like Download and Bloodstock. Vocalist Tarin Kerrey was subsequently invited to do backing vocals for Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and SikTh’s Mikee Goodman’s side project ‘Primal Rock Rebellion’. By the time that they began recording ‘Black Sheep’ Sanguine had signed to Berlin based publishing and management company Manta Ray Music, who provided the backing and funding for what was, in reality, the band’s first full – length studio album. Big Cheese magazine’s John Damon rated ‘Black Sheep’ 8/10, raving “From opener ‘Breaking Out’, with the soaring vocals of frontwoman Tarin Kerrey combining seamlessly with the screams of guitarist Nick Magee, to the harmony-soaked, quirky ‘Carousel’ and the acoustic ‘Breathe Out’, before diving into the crushing riff of the title track, it’s a rock / metal adventure. These black sheep are different in the best way.”


The future now looks more than stellar for Sanguine, an exceptional, vital, organic spine-tingling outfit whose consummate third album ‘Cold Blood’ can only catapult them even higher into rock’s heady stratosphere.

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