San Francisco Dark Heavy Metal Titans Issue Grandiose Early 2020 Debut Album On Cassette Via Sentient Ruin.

We’re honored to welcome San Francisco CA dark heavy metal titans NITE into our fold, as they’ve tasked Sentient Ruin with issuing their mesmerizing debut album “Darkness Silence Mirror Flame” on cassette tape format after the staggering debut full-length effort was already officially released on digital, CD and vinyl formats back in March 2020 via Bay Area label Creator Destructor Records (please reach out to the label or to EARSPLIT PR to request a digital or physical promo). For those who may have missed or overlooked the release earlier this year, here’s your second chance to discover one of the most amazing and underrated metal albums of 2020!

Formed by current and past members of Satan’s Wrath, High Spirits, and Dawnbringer, Nite’s “Darkness Silence Mirror Flame” is a defining moment in 2020 heavy metal – an unforgettable forty-six minutes of timeless and ass-kicking blackened classic heavy metal thunder that masterfully sublimates the archetypical greatness of forefathers like Judas Priest, Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Dioand Maiden into the dark and malevolent enormity of heavy innovators like Amebix, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Packed with razor sharp riffs, blazing leads, thundering bass and pounding drums, on the striking debut album Nite distill the purest essence of 70’s primordial heavy metal and of 80s NWOBHM, and combine it with malevolent black metal vocals, dark lyrics, and crepuscular occult atmospheres to bring a new dark meaning and dimension to the classic and ancestral heavy metal flame and create a timeless masterpiece unlike anything else out there.

“Darkness Silence Mirror Flame” is scheduled for release on cassette tape via Sentient Ruin on July 31 2020 and can be now pre-ordered in physical format from our shop and Bandcamp. CD and vinyl have been available since March 20 2020 from Creator Destructor Records and you can also find the album on all steaming services worldwide.

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