San Francisco alternative rock 4-piece Pyrite Sidewalk are streaming their new EP.

‘rôr′shäk’ is out now via Manic Kat Records.


The band spoke exclusively to HM Magazine, to discuss the new release.

Track listing:
1. Clouds
2. Plastic Flowers
3. Pictures Painted
4. T…
5. The Door

cover art - ror shak

Formed in the Bay Area, California’s Pyrite Sidewalk take influence from the likes of Underoath & Silverstein, the young quartet delivering an engaging, high-octane and resonating brand of rock, honing a melting pot of influences from across punk, alternative and post-hardcore and molding them together for an incisive and highly accomplished end product.

The band’s high-energy live show has become a staple of their identity; with the quartet impressive on a state-wide level prior to landing on Manic Kat Records.

Driving guitar work intertwines with emotive and relatable lyricism, with Pyrite Sidewalk demonstrating the best of both heavy and melodic alternative rock, as they continue their musical progression with new EP ‘rôr′shäk”.

Listen to lead single “Clouds” via Already Heard.

Pyrite Sidewalk’s new EP ‘rôr′shäk”is out now via Manic Kat Records.


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