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San Antonio, TX’s LOVE AGAIN Sign To Wiretap Records

Band Joins the #ArtistsForChange Program Donating a Percentage of Digital Royalties From The Song To NAACP Legal Defense Fund

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San Antonio, TX emo/indie rock trio LOVE AGAIN have signed with Wiretap Records. The band’s current single “86” debuted in April and you can watch the video below.

With comparisons to bands like Taking Back Sunday, Armor For Sleep, Hot Rod Circuit, Into It Over It and more, “86″ comes ahead of the band’s debut EP out later this year. As featured on Washed Up Emo as “Your New Favorite Band”.

To further support the ongoing efforts of equality, the band has joined the #ArtistsForChange program and is donating a percentage of their digital royalties from the song to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Listen/Watch below.

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Music Video-

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