Same Side // Same Side // EP Review
Same Side // Same Side // EP Review8
Same Side // Same Side // EP Review8
Same Side // Same Side // EP Review8
Same Side // Same Side // EP Review8
Same Side // Same Side // EP Review8
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Under the guise of Same Side, The Story So Far and Elder Brother’s Kevin Geyer drops his debut EP onto the world, and stepping out his previous projects offers us his solo take on the world of Same Side.

This 5 track EP is whimsical and ethereal in sound, effortless and a perfect sounding anthem for your summer with its easy on the ear approach. The acoustic sounding backdrop simplifies things so you can easily absorb the songwriting and let the melodies wash over you, my only complaint at only five songs your journey is over all too soon. Thank god for repeat! The Same Side EP was recorded at The Panda Studios in Fremont, California, with longtime The Story So Far and Elder Brother producer Sam Pura, whose resumé also includes State Champs and Hundredth.

“Fall into old ways / made the same mistakes…” Geyer sings on “Stuck in a Hole,” a revealing well of empathy for anyone struggling with addiction. “I can see myself in some of my friends struggles.” “The Way it Seems,” “Fall Back in Again,” and “Same Side” (a song title Geyer realized lent itself well to the overall project) share some spiritual continuity. While far from any sort of “conceptual” trilogy, each of them approaches a disintegrating relationship, a once on-again/off-again romance that is officially over.  “I’ve always gravitated toward the mellower stuff,” Kevin says of his songwriting. “As I’ve gotten a little bit older and my musical tastes have expanded, this is what comes out naturally for me. I love what we do in The Story So Far and how it’s evolved. This is another outlet, a chance to explore a different side of me.”

The dreamlike quality to the songs fill the air with a relaxing and welcoming sound that we all need right now, could this be the perfect mindful soundtrack to an isolated world? Only way to find out is to embrace it this coming Friday. 


Same Side is out this Friday, May 29th via Pure Noise Records


To pre-order the Same Side EP, please visit:


Same Side

1. Smoke

2. Stuck In A Hole

3. The Way It Seems

4. Fall Back In Again

5. Same Side


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