Leeds-based singer-songwriter Sam Wilde releases new single ‘Time Will Tell’, out July 24th.

Following on from previous alt-rock singles ‘In Your Head’ and ‘On The Run’, ‘Time Will Tell’ sees Sam take a more mellow approach. Packed with sentiment and blissful indie guitars, the single showcases his impeccable songwriting skills.

Recorded completely from home with the help of esteemed producer Lee Smith (Alex Claire, Submotion Orchestra, The Cribs) and Jamie Lockhart, ‘Time Will Tell’ explores the emotional anxieties and excitement that comes with starting a new relationship.

Speaking on the track, Sam says: “‘Time Will Tell’ is about that feeling of fear and excitement when you first start seeing someone, and the hope that as you gradually show more of yourself and as they get to know you, they still think and feel the same about you. It’s that little moment of uncertainty when neither of you fully knows how the other person feels and too worried about bringing it up in case it ruins things”.

The current lockdown has given Sam a chance to do something different with this release. He explains the creative process behind ‘Time Will Tell’’: “Everything was recorded in my bedroom over the lockdown period and then I sent the stems off to Lee Smith to mix the track. It was then mastered by Jamie Lockhart. This is the first time I’ve fully recorded a track at home, but I loved the process and how the final product turned out so it’s something I’m going to consider doing a lot more”.

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