Saltlake // Rising Brit Rockers Talk Influences // Rock ‘N’ Load Exclusive

Rising alt-rockers SALT LAKE ( ) have just released their thunderous new single, Bitter Pill – . We had a chat with the anthemic rockers and asked them for the tracks that helped to shape their sound:

Liam (Bass) “Biblical by Biffy Clyro –

An absolute anthemic masterpiece. From the first listen through to the millionth, it’s never boring. It has everything from subtleness to intense power choruses that we strive to produce in every song we write. Just an amazing song to listen to.”

John (Drums) “Like a Shadow by Holding Absence –

This is a new song that has really influenced the way I think about a big singalong chorus. The high energy drums are a joy to cover and seeing Holding Absence perform it themselves is itself a marvel.

Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day –

This track was one of the first songs I learned as a drummer. The 9 minute spectacle really introduced me to how songs are so much more than just music and words, but tell stories and can be theatrical pieces.”

Henry (Vocals & Guitar) “White Flag by Normandie – .

The production in monstrous and their use of poppy melodies and epic soundscapes create this amazing sonic quality that is amazing to listen too. The rest of that album is also pretty special as well.

Hotel California by The Eagles –

The song that has been the most inspiring song to me since I can remember is an oldy but a goody! It’s overall choice of melody and musicianship is what stands out the most to me. As a huge fan of harmony this song offers up plenty. As a guitar player as well the songs intricate duel welding solo at the end is something that still to this day leaves me transfixed. Not only the playing but the overall tonality of it. A true masterpiece.”

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