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“The War To End All Wars”, Sabaton’s tenth album is set to be released on the 4th of March and in true Sabaton fashion, it is amazing.

Eleven tracks that depict WWI from the very start, with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, to the signing of the Versailles treaty to end the war after five years, told in true Sabaton storytelling fashion. “Sarajevo” opens the album with a narration of how the war started to a backdrop of a slow marching beat, some great riffs and a solo midway through pushes the pace a bit before it drops back to a trudging beat.

“Stormtroopers” is a fast melodic affair packed with thumping drums, lightning-fast riffs, a killer solo and uplifting choruses added to that Broden’s deep rumbling vocals and you have a brilliant track. “Dreadnought” has a heavier doom-laden beat, matching the tone of the song, with chugging riffs and rumbling bass, on a plus note you can always be sure there will be a rousing solo and chorus to lift the spirits. “The Unkillable Soldier” is an anthemic uplifting tune that gallops along with brilliant riffs and an infectious chorus that will be stuck in your head, a ripper solo and some fantastic drum and bass lines make this the best track on the album. 

“Soldier Of Heaven” is a keyboard-heavy track that is driven by a kicking drum beat and Broden’s monster vocals, a great solo amongst all the electro-funk and a seriously catchy chorus gives you a cracking allrounder. “Hellfighters” is a speedster if ever there was, sharp riffs and a machine gun drum beat drive the track big time with some amazing fretwork by Rorland and Johansson giving it that extra edge, an amazing song. “Race To The Sea” is a mid-paced anthemic battle cry, crashing drums, booming bass and a cracking solo aided by Broden’s powerful vocals giving you one hell of a song. “Lady Of The Dark” is a high tempo song punctuated with gritty riffs and a staccato drumbeat, an amazing solo and a funky bass line make it a real standout. “The Valley Of Death” ups the tempo with a kicking drum beat, fast riffs and a brilliant solo all topped off with Broden’s immense vocals, another anthemic tune with a serious hook.

“Christmas Truce” is a slow rousing piano-led finale, soft drums with uplifting guitars and harmonies as Broden’s booming vocals carry the track to a close. “Versailles” closes the album out as it opened with a narration on the ending of the war and the fear of what’s to come.

Review: Conor

Another great showing from the master storytellers, packed with all the pomp and circumstance that only Sabaton can do

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The War To End All Wars will be available in the following formats:

– Jewelcase CD
– Limited Gold CD [Supporter Edition – various versions with translated booklets] *SPECIAL OFFER EXPIRED* / *SOLD OUT*
– History Edition [Digibook]
– Box Set [Mailorder exclusive, 2LPs, Earbook, 5 metallic DIN A5 postcards with embossing, 1 propaganda poster]
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– Black Vinyl
– Copper Vinyl [Nuclear Blast Mailorder exclusive, ltd. to 500 copies] *SOLD OUT*
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– Leaf Green Vinyl [Sweden exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
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– Dusk Vinyl [Levykauppa exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Soft Grey Vinyl [Nordics exclusive, ltd. 1000 copies]
– Lavender Vinyl [FNAC exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Rosewood Vinyl [Mystic exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Fluorescent Green Vinyl [UK exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Pacific Blue Vinyl [US exclusive, ltd. to 1500 copies]
– Polar White Vinyl [NB US exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies] *SOLD OUT*
– Dewdrop Vinyl [EMP exclusive, ltd. to 500 copies] *SOLD OUT*
– Green cassette [Nuclear Blast EU exclusive, limited to 100 copies] *SOLD OUT*
– Grey cassette [Nuclear Blast EU exclusive, ltd. to 100 copies] *SOLD OUT*
– Red cassette [EMP exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Black cassette [NB US exclusive, ltd. to 200 copies]
– Crystal Clear cassette [US exclusive, ltd. to 250 copies]
– White cassette [Mystic exclusive, ltd. to 100 copies] *SOLD OUT*

Pre-order The War To End All Wars now:

   Sarajevo 4:37
   Stormtroopers 3:56
   Dreadnought 4:58
   The Unkillable Soldier 4:11
   Soldier of Heaven 3:38
   Hellfighters 3:26
   Race To The Sea 3:47
   Lady of the Dark 3:03
   The Valley of Death 4:13
   Christmas Truce 5:18
   Versailles 4:14



Sabaton are

Jaokim Broden Vocals

Par Sundstrom Bass

Chris Rorland Guitar

Hannes Van Dahl Drums

Tommy Johansson Guitars

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