Sabaton - Carolus Rex - (Platinum Edition) - Album Review
Sabaton - Carolus Rex - (Platinum Edition) - Album Review8
Sabaton - Carolus Rex - (Platinum Edition) - Album Review8
Sabaton - Carolus Rex - (Platinum Edition) - Album Review8
Sabaton - Carolus Rex - (Platinum Edition) - Album Review8
Sabaton - Carolus Rex - (Platinum Edition) - Album Review8
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Fate or coincidence? You decide.

1718 – The year that Charles XII (Carolus Rex) died, following him taking the thrown at age 15. He spent his entire life at war, never married or had children and became a master war strategist both in preventing and leading attacks, before he was shot in the head, the circumstances around which remain a mystery.

2018 – 300 years after the end of Carolus’ reign, the Sabaton album named after and inspired by him reaches quadruple platinum status in Sweden, therefore the band decide to release a special edition to commemorate both milestones.

The original 2012 release of the album contained 11 tracks, all of which still sound wonderfully mighty in their full Power Metal glory whilst recanting stories of old. The tracks just ooze power as the guitars chug away with the powerful drums leading the march and the uplifting vocal that leads to you singing along.

The Platinum Edition has an extra 4 tracks to prolong the glory combining cover versions and a Sabaton original.

The first track is one which any Amon Amarth fan will be very familiar with. ‘Twilight Of The Thundergod’ is given the Sabaton make over, retaining the heaviness of the original whilst adding some flair and grandeur.

Next up is the Status Quo hit, ‘In The Army Now’ in case you were unaware that the majority of Sabaton tracks revolve around war! It is heavier than the Status Quo version whilst still being paying respect to the original. Sabaton add some grit and oomph with its chunky guitars and huge sound.

German Industrial Metalists Rammstein take the third cover with ‘Feuer Frei.’ Sabaton add their Swedish touch and create a cover that you just imagine the tank on stage never stopping firing.

The final track is one of the lesser known and one of the few non war tracks recorded by Sabaton. ‘Harley From Hell’ was published in 2012 and was on CDMetalus Hammerus Rex by Metal Hammer. This is a different kind of sound by Sabaton, however an interesting part of the their back catalogue and clearly shows that they are very good at non war related music!

 This is a celebration of one of the most important Power Metal bands as they march toward their next milestone, with the likes of a 2019 Bloodstock Festival headline slot. Fire up the tank, Sabaton are in in full force.

Ed Ford


Carolus Rex (Platinum Edition) is released November 30 th 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Track Listing

  1. Dominium Maris Baltici
    02. The Lion From The North
    03. Gott Mit Uns
    04. A Lifetime Of War
    05. 1 6 4 8
    06. The Carolean’s Prayer
    07. Carolus Rex
    08. Killing Ground
    09. Poltava
    10. Long Live The King
    11. Ruina Imperii
    Bonus Tracks
    12. Twilight Of The Thunder God
    13. In The Army Now
    14. Feuer Frei
    15. Harley From Hell

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