Ryno Theron Returns With Breathe It All Away

Ryno Theron is a seasoned performer from Durban, South Africa. His solo sound started out as Instrumental Guitar Prog, but fast evolved into a heavy synthesis of chuggy riffs and strapping vocals. Ryno is also the Guitarist and Vocalist for acclaimed South African Thrashers Truth Decayed.

Breathe It All Away is his latest single and unveils an intense shift in direction from his previous work on Howling Rush, potently delivering shady and morose lyrics underpinned by mighty riffs. Lyrically this imperious track tackles the subject of being awakened to abysmal events in your life like wounding secrets and betrayal. Breathe It All Away paves the way for an upcoming EP series called False State Of Reality … a state one is left in after such injuring life events … almost like being in suspended animation where you question everyone and everything … nothing really feels real or in place anymore!

Breathe It All Away is available from Friday 10 December as a Bandcamp Exclusive

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Photo by Samantha Jolene Theron

Artist: Ryno Theron
Track: Breathe It All Away (04:38)
Country: South Africa
Genre: Progressive Metal
Lyrics & Music: Ryno Theron
Guitars & Vocals: Ryno Theron
Drums: Brandon Carey
Bass: Melody French
Production: Johan Maree
PR & Design: Devographic Music Agency

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