In 2016, Russian group Slot released their successful seventh studio album Septima released internationally via Sliptrick Records. On the day of its release, the album took first place on the overall iTunes chart, and one of its singles, Circles On The Water, became yet another hit for the band with Youtube views of the track exceeding several million. Besides this, lead singer Nookie successfully performed on the Russian show version of “The Voice” on the First Channel, and became one of its most notable and successful participants.

2017 turned out to be just as intense if not more; because this was the year Slot celebrated their fifteenth anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the group went on a massive anniversary tour, covering dozens of major Russian cities.

Along with a tour for fans, the band wanted give their followers even more to celebrate by now issuing a greatest hits release “15 (The Best of)” featuring 19 tracks that includes an unreleased songs and four rare versions of well-known material via Sliptrick Records. The release is officially out now as of August 28th.

The album is available for order at

Live Video – Мочит, как хочет! (DVD #RedLive) –


Music Video – На Марс! –


Music Video – Ripples On The Water –


Music Video -Мочит как хочет! –


Slot is a Russian alternative rock band, founded in February 2002 in Moscow. Since their formation, the band has released seven studio albums, one remix album, a live DVD, numerous singles and several soundtracks. Slot are known for their lengthy tours, cover concerts, consisting of hits of domestic and foreign music, original and stylish music videos. The band actively participates in music festivals such as Nashestvie and Kubana and have shared the stage with such masters of the world rock scene as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Guano Apes and many more.

Track Listing:
01. Khaos (Demo 2002)
02. Odni
03. 2 voyny
04. 7 zvonkov
05. Myortvye zvyozdy
06. Oni ubili Kenni
07. Sloy pepla
08. Doska (Live 2008)
09. Kukla Vudu
10. Alfa Romeo Beta Dzhulyetta
11. Zerkala (Live 2011)
12. Sumerki
13. Odinokie lyudi
14. Esli
15. Prostochelovek
16. Boy! (Remaster 2015)
17. Mochit, kak hochet!
18. Strakh i agressiya
19. Krugi na vode (Radio Version)

Slot is:
Nookie – Female Vocal
Cache – Male Vocals, Programming
ID – Guitar
Vasiliy GHOST Gorshkov – Drums
Nikita Muravyov – Bass

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