Russian heavy/power metal band Мужчины в металле (Men In Metal) to release debut album, music video out now!
Мужчины в металле (Men in Metal), a Russian heavy/power metal band from Yekaterinburg presents the new 10-track album “Пусть душа расправит крылья” (“Let the Soul Spread Its Wings”). The album is released November 30th by Finnish Inverse Records.

The band released today a music video for the track ‘Настало время’
Watch it here:

Even thought there are some changes compared to their latest EP “Победа” (“Victory”), the band remains true to heavy metal traditions, thus having found the unique sound which may be defined as “indie power metal”. The modern heavy sound combined with the elements taken from the music of the 70’s characterizes the release – rich vocal harmonies will remind you of such bands as Uriah Heep, Queen or Sweet, and the use of acoustic instruments (particularly, the ukulele) brings a distinctive shade of folk to the music.

Listen to the ‘Настало время’ single on:​
Album track list RUSSIAN:
01-Интро (Лирическая застольная)
02-Только ветер
03-Впереди рассвет
04-Над Землей
05-На одном пути
06-Загадки Севера
07-День за днем
08-Настало время
09-Обрывки старых снов
10-Лунная ночь
Album track list ENG:
01-Intro (lyrical drinking song)
02-Only The Wind
03-Dawn Ahead
04-Above The Ground
05-The Same Way
06-Secrets Of The North
07-Day By Day
08-The Time Has Come
09-Scraps Of Old Dreams
10-Moonlight Night
Yuriy Sakhnov – vocals
Alexander Rudenko – bass, guitars, ukulele
Anatoly Kompanets – drums

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