Edgy alt rockers RULED BY RAPTORS (www.ruledbyraptors.com ) have just revealed a new video for the single, Time.

The track is taken from the band’s debut EP, Ouroboros, which arrives via Pulse Music on Friday 7th June. We asked the guys to give us five tracks that have helped to shape their engulfing sound.

Reuben – Three Hail Marys

Firstly obviously Reuben, they have been such a huge influence in creating our sound, Three Hail Marys is a stand out for us though.

The super catchy chorus of this song mixed with the angular and aggressive sounding guitars and punchy drums is definitely the aim of the game for us as far as song writing goes.

Biffy Clyro – Justboy

One of our bigger influences is Biffy Clyro so it was really hard to pick just one song. But one that we all love is Justboy the contrast between the lighter and calm sections to the more chaotic and crazy sections is what draw us to it. The vocal arrangements are beautiful and we would love to try to emulate them in the future.

Deftones – hole in the earth

Deftones are the masters of dynamics, and the way this song explodes and folds back into itself is a huge influence on our sound. The monolithic guitars and Chino’s passionate vocals also played a key part in the composition and production of our tracks.

Jimmy Eat World – Here You Me

We all love a great slow song, this has to be it for us!

The way it steadily builds to the cruciendo at the end is just amazing, the song has such a tragic story and we try to make sure our lyrics have strong messages and stories in them, we definitely try to write songs like this when we get the inspiration.

Nirvana – scentless apprentice.

This song is so primal, you hear it and you just gotta bang your head along. Even back in the digits days, we were always a sucker for a heavy riff set against pounding drums. For me personally it was probably the first song I learned to scream along to.


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