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The song’s riffs and gang vocals are catchier than most, with lyrics that have a self-awareness at odds with most of what’s commonly labeled as hardcore. It’s an awesome track that you’ll find yourself singing along with on the second listen that’s bound to come. – Kerrang

RULE THEM ALL have emerged as one of the most anticipated new voices to rise out of the Long Island hardcore scene as of late. This week, they delighted fans with the revelation that their label debut Dreams About… will be out December 6th on Flatspot Records. To help celebrate the announcement, the band also premiered their lead single and the title track with Kerrang. “Dreams About…” is an assertive sonic statement that RULE THEM ALL will not be adhering to the trends currently ruling the underground. In this definitive statement of the band’s intention to walk their own path, the relatively new group shows a sagelike approach to the craft of songwriting that one would expect from a collective that has been playing together for years. Thematically, “Dreams About…” is a call to mindfulness and personal accountability through the lens of first-person narratives and vivid dreams – allowing each listener a personal interpretation of the track’s central message. The single is available to stream on Bandcamp or Spotify and pre-orders for the record are available here.


RULE THEM ALL was created with one goal in mind: deliver gimmick-free hardcore that speaks truth to power.


The band was formed in 2017 by Richie Armour and Jon Gusman, who have since completed the lineup with members of diverse experience that spans a wide range of musical disciplines. Their carefully constructed and deliberately paced songs call to mind both the emotional intelligence of classic D.C. hardcore and the raw aggression of the Long Island scene they call home. The result is a confrontational blend of vintage and modern styles that force the listener to reckon with their own notions of what it means to be independent in today’s fractured society. Sonically, RULE THEM ALL expertly synchronize hard-hitting drums with harmonic riffs to form an unshakeable foundation over which the message in the vocals can be easily heard and understood crystal clear.


To date, RULE THEM ALL have released two crucial EPs while honing their sound live alongside groups like Backtrack, Vantage Point, Dead Heat, and Fixation. In the Fall of 2019, the band stands ready to release their most thought-provoking batch of songs yet in the form of their upcoming EP, Dreams About…, on Flatspot Records. This 5-song manifesto – tracked by Chris Rini at Shellshock Audio and mixed and mastered by Brian McTernan – seamlessly integrates modern production, NYHC aggression, and Revolution Summer ambition to form a potent concoction that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the Hardcore genre for years to come.

Tour Dates

10/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Killing Time, Wild Side and Perfect World

11/01 – Queens, NY @ Windjammer w/ Restraining Order, Antagonize, The Fight, Steel Cage

11/02 – Philadelphia, PA @ Zero Club w/ Fixation, Restraining Order, Antagonize, Spell Runner, Luxe

11/09 – Amityville, NY @ Revolution w/ Sanction, Jukai, Cipher, Year Of The Knife, Separated, Silenus

11/30 – Amityville, NY @ Revolution w/ Backtrack (last show), Terror, No Warning, King Nine, Hangman

12/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Shelter, Mil-Spec, Constant Elevation

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