Ruff Majik share the animated video for Heart Like An Alligator plus new issue of PULP

Ruff Majik share the animated video for
 Heart Like An Alligator plus new issue of PULP
(Photographer – Jacqui van Staaden)
South African powerhouse rock cult Ruff Majik have released the animated video for their track Heart Like and Alligator. The track will be the last single taken from their critically acclaimed 2020 full length album The Devil’s Cattle before the band start releasing new material towards the end of the year.

“The lyrics for Heart Like An Alligator were written after a long and excruciating late night slog through the streets of Berlin, somewhere in 2019. Inspiration was taken from the classic Hunter S. Thompson novel, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, and the whole song was meant to emulate the feeling of dread and encroaching doom that goes hand in hand with a night of partying (too hard).” Says vocalist and guitarist Johni Holiday.
He goes on to explain the idea behind the video – “The video was a fun animation project. Created by our long-time illustrator, Anni from Ale & Cake Illustration – it follows the story of desert trash on a psychedelic trip through a wasteland.”

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