Rorcal – Swiss Blackened Doom Metal Outfit Announce New Album “Silence”

Rorcal – Swiss Blackened Doom Metal Outfit Announce New Album “Silence”
Reveal Video For New Track “Early Mourning” Via Decibel Magazine 

Four years following the release of their critically acclaimed “Muladona” album, Swiss blackened doom-metal alchemists Rorcal now return with their sixth album titled “Silence”, which is set for release on CD, vinyl and digitally on Sept 29 via Hummus Records.

“Silence” was recorded live at Blend Studio by Stéphane Kroug, edited by Jean-Philippe Schopfer at Yellow Recordings, mixed by Raphael Bovey at My Room Studio and mastered by Lad Agabekov at Caduceus Studio and sees the five-piece group masterly merging elements of black, doom, sludge, post-metal resulting in an unique sound that’s as adventurous as it is horrifying and unyielding.

A video for the first advance track off the album titled “Early Mourning” is now playing at Decibel Magazine, who commented “…the blistering track, which clocks it at an economical 3:37 seconds and is crammed full of tremolo picking, majestic riffing and sepulchral vocals. It’s a relentless track bathed in noise and distortion.”

Watch “Early Mourning” visualizer video here.

“‘Early Mourning’ is the first track of the album and the first one we achieved back when we were writing it.” Says the band about this new song. “It’s a short, ‘in your face’ song that gives the general color and dynamic of what is yet to come. By starting the record with this song, we cut with an old habit to begin with a progressive/atmospheric part. ‘Early Mourning’ refers to the first light of a life that will ultimately end in a complete silence, as silence is what remains when every sort of hope is definitively lost.”

Since its inception in 2006, Rorcal has always sought pitch black darkness. The means to reach it have been diverse but share one constant: extremity. From the insane heaviness of their debuts, to the blasting dissonant malevolence they display on their recent albums, their take on doom, black metal, industrial haunting soundscapes, drone and noise have all shown a strong and unique musical identity.

After five full-lengths and numerous collaborative splits, the band is about to release “Silence”, a new album on which the five musicians prove their constant dedication to the dark arts.

Yonni Chapatte : Vocals
Diogo Almeida : Guitars
Jean-Philippe Schopfer : Guitars and Samples
Jeremy Spagnolo : Bass
Ron Lahyani : Drums and SamplesLinks: